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    Find your snowflake in a blizzard with personalised email marketing

    ould you believe us if we told you that you can boost your email marketing results with one simple hack? All you need is a subject line, some preheader text and a dash of faith in the power of personalised …

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    Sell More With Email Automation

    Automate Your Next Marketing Campaign Cha-ching! Did you hear that? The sound of success as another happy customer makes a purchase. Of course, as a marketer in the digital age, you know exactly who that customer is. Also where they …

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    Run awesome events with this marketing automation blueprint

    We wanted to share this simple event marketing automation blueprint that we use all the time. It’s a great starting point for your own events, although you’ll need to work out what timing suits your email. Hopefully this will free you up to spend more time organising a fantastic event and less time doing tedious and repetitive tasks.

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    New autoresponder series templates have been released

    We’ve released some newly designed autoresponder templates and they’re pretty snazzy! Each autoresponder typically includes a series of three emails but you can customise them however you like. Check out this helpful summary of a typical autoresponder series.

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    Upgraded Autoresponders now available

    We have just launched some upgrades to our Autoresponder features. Autoresponders are often under used especially considering they can receive a higher response rate than regular emails.

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    Small business winning with integration

    See how a small business Bright Learning have integrated the popular event registration site Eventbrite with Vision6 to manage their class bookings. They have been able to save countless hours and also effectively remarket to attendees.

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    Look smart and impress your boss this Christmas

    Can you believe it’s that time of year again? November is here and the pressure is on to organise the staff Christmas party! Being the Fun Manager (self-titled) of Vision6, this task usually falls in my lap. And if you’ve ever …

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    5 reasons to use email autoresponders

    I was talking to a customer the other day about email autoresponders and it wasn’t long before I realised they had no idea what I was talking about. I was shocked as autoresponders are some of the most important emails …

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    Rest easy with automation

    Whether you’re new to email marketing or a seasoned campaigner, you’re probably familiar with the term “automation”. In fact, it’s probably something you’re already doing in a really simple way with email autoresponders. If so, then you already know that …

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