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How to boost online sales over Easter with email marketing

What’s your Easter email marketing strategy?

While supermarket chains were preparing for Easter back in January, you can prepare an Easter email marketing campaign now and still have plenty of time to boost sales over the long weekend. 

Leading up to Easter last year, Australia Post researched their customers’ online shopping behaviour and found some interesting results.

Over a third of survey respondents said they would shop online at Easter, with 41% wishing to avoid crowds, 39% seeking convenience and 38% looking for a bargain that they might not have access to in-store.

These insights are great for developing an Easter email marketing campaign that will resonate with customer needs.

For example, you could entice your customers to visit your site with a message about avoiding the crowds and getting exclusive access to online only offers.

As competition will be high during this busy retail period, there are a few ways you can boost visibility in your customers’ inboxes.

Send an email with an attention-grabbing subject line, building anticipation for a limited offer. Our A/B testing feature can help you optimise your subject lines and maximise your results.


You should definitely follow up with an automated abandoned cart email series for those who visited your site but didn’t make a purchase.

Creating an abandoned cart series is easy with our upcoming Shopify + Vision6 integration this month. You will be able to sync your Shopify account with Vision6 and set up triggered emails based on customer actions on your website.

If you’d like to go a step beyond your competitors, get creative with your campaign.

Perhaps it’s a play on the traditional Easter egg hunt on your website to boost traffic and engagement.

The game could be advertised across social media and using email to maximise your visibility across multiple channels.

Don’t forget to personalise your emails – they outperform generic emails by 600 percent!

There are plenty of opportunities to maximise your results with personalisation when you sync customer data from Shopify with Vision6.

You can address the email directly to them by name, you can send them conditional content based on their gender, age or location, or you could be really clever and use their purchase behaviour to send them suggested items.

Armed with these examples, you can send your Easter campaign today with confidence!

And keep an eye on your inbox for our Shopify + Vision6 integration release coming this month.

Build beautiful Easter email campaigns using Vision6. (sign up for free)

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