Black Friday Offer: Save 30% on subscription plans for 3 months and 20% on SMS credits*!

Black Friday Offer: Save on subscription plans and on SMS credits*!

Black Friday Offer

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Get in-depth knowledge of specific Vision6 features with these short, sharp group training webinars – all in under 20 minutes.

Powersessions are free for everyone; even if you don’t use our email & SMS marketing platform. Most sessions are repeated throughout the month so you can select those that suit you best.


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Building an eNewsletter from scratch

Watch as your host builds an eNewsletter template from a basic template (…what on Earth has he gotten himself into!)

Multiple lists vs. single list operations

Find your answer to the eternal question: One list, or many lists?

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Become a Vision6 certified email marketing expert in your own time! This FREE course uses fun and engaging video tutorials to help you upskill and grow your business.

We will cover all the fundamentals of email marketing, tips and tricks to improve your campaigns, and show you how to make the most of your Vision6 account. Best of all you can complete it at your own pace!