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5 Email Marketing Automations That Will Wow Your Clients

Email marketing automations can help you win new clients as well as help your current clients achieve even greater success. Triggered emails have a 70.5% higher open rate and 152% higher click-through rate than generic email newsletters. So your workflows are likely to have a much higher engagement rate, better results, and greater ROI.

Here’s how you can make the most of these 5 email automations to help your clients reap greater results from their email marketing campaigns.

1. Ecommerce automations

Many of your eCommerce clients will rely on email automation to send out order confirmations, abandoned cart series, suggested product emails, and more. These are essential for customer experience, customer retention, and generating more sales

This is a key area for big wins with your client; any improvements you can make to these workflows will lead to better sales results on their end. By offering management for their eCommerce automation you will take a big weight off their shoulders and let them focus on running their business.

Want to take your clients’ eCommerce automations to the next level? Take a look at Dollar Shave Club’s email and how they’ve used it as an opportunity to upsell.

Vision6 integrations allow you to integrate eCommerce platforms like Shopify so you centralise all campaigns and provide powerful reports.

2. Welcome series

A welcome series aims to build trust, loyalty, and credibility with customers. Setting up a welcome email automation is the perfect way to share the brand story that your business has worked so hard to build.

Rather than sending a single welcome email, a series of carefully crafted emails can be much more effective. In fact, sending an onboarding series can generate about 51% more revenue than one welcome email. At this point in the journey, most customers are at their peak interest and want to learn more about the brand. Taking advantage of this will drive a higher engagement rate for your clients’ email campaigns.

The content you include in your welcome or onboarding series will depend on the client. You have the opportunity to send things like extra resources, how-to guides and support articles, feedback forms, and relationship-building check-ins. You can also send different welcome series to different audience segments. This will help to better personalise the content, educate customers on their specific product or service, and speak directly to their needs. 

Need some inspiration? Winc has nailed their welcome email, using it as an opportunity to learn more about their subscribers and encouraging them to make a purchase by adding a discount offer.

3. Gated conent download

Gated content is ripe with email automation opportunities. By using Vision6 forms to gate your content you can easily collect all the data you need to generate leads, grow your clients’ email lists, and boost website traffic. Email marketing automation solutions like Vision6 allow you to set a range of workflows: automatically sending welcome emails, following up with related content, offering products or services, or re-engaging them with discounts or special offers. There are a number of workflows you can set up, and you can segment the leads depending on the content they download and how they engage with it.

Emails can also feature gated content offers, driving existing and inactive subscribers to the necessary page or attracting attention to a particular product category. These emails can act as the starting point in a content workflow, and if subscribers are happy with what they get from gated content, they are much more likely to engage with further email campaigns. 

Need help proving the ROI of your email marketing efforts to clients? Hear from three amazing speakers in our video: Prove the ROI of Your Marketing Effort.

4. SMS marketing

Automation is not just useful in the realm of emails. Your email marketing tool and SMS marketing can join forces to reach more people and supercharge your campaigns. The average person checks their phone about 110 times a day, and 90% of people read an SMS within 3 minutes. Including SMS in your client’s marketing automations is a simple but powerful way to get better results for your clients and impress them at the same time. 

Some clients may still be unsure about how SMS marketing works, particularly if they’re not tech-savvy, but it’s simple to implement for them and can be fully automated. Not only is it a powerful and simple marketing tactic, but it also gives you impressive and detailed reports to deliver to your clients.  

You can use personalised SMS for any number of automations:

  • Send out reminders and ticket information as part of your event automation
  • Provide discounts and special offers for your welcome series
  • Set up abandoned cart notifications as part of your eCommerce workflows
  • Or for any other type of automated campaign

5. Event automation

If you’ve ever organised an event, you’ll know that anything that simplifies your marketing efforts will be a massive asset. For clients that run events, setting up an automation workflow will not only take a weight off their shoulders, but also help boost attendance numbers and results. 

Invitation emails, reminders, ticket deals, program releases, follow-ups; the automation opportunities are endless. Setting up a workflow for your clients will help to maintain momentum for the event and keep attendees excited in the lead up. 

We’ve been perfecting our own event marketing with our EMSA events every year, so we know the power of automation. Take a look at our Pre- and Post-Event Comms Workflow how-to guide to see how to set up your event automations.

event email marketing automation workflow

If you need some more tips for running awesome events for your clients? Check out our event automation blueprint.


Marketing automation is more in demand than ever, with 49% of companies now using it as part of their marketing strategies. As an agency, you should be offering automation in your email markting package to your clients, not only to help win new clients but also retain your existing client base.

Still not sure why you should be offering email marketing? Here’s a quick run down of the benefits for you and your clients, as well as ways to present the product to your clients.

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