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3 Essentials for Marketing Automation

When we ran a survey last year, we found that overall responders considered marketing automation to be of average importance!

What a shame! Considering the great benefits that can be gained from marketing automation. Perhaps it’s because we’re letting something slip through the cracks… 

Luckily, we’ve got BFJ Media. They’ve provided us with their automation essentials to help us figure out what we might be missing. BFJ Media is a full-service digital ad agency that manages the online presence of their clients’ businesses, meaning they have a great deal of experience in marketing automation. Here are their top three marketing automation essentials.

1. Sparkling Data

If your data isn’t perfectly clean, accurate and up-to-date your automation is destined for failure. If you don’t have the most current information about your readers you won’t be providing the most relevant information and may even be providing a poor customer experience.

Make sure your data is clean by providing readers with a way to update their information, maintaining good bounce procedures and never, ever, ever buying lists. Get more details about taking your email list to the next level here.

2. BYO Creativity

Automation is a tool and should be used to ease the day-to-day repetitive tasks. It can’t replace creativity, or the smarts a human can deliver.

There are so many great ways you can use email automation including nurture campaigns for your customers and in the lead up to events. Get some inspiration for your next email automation here.

3. Integrate Your Tools

Integrating your tools means you can use it for many channels and ensure a consistent and timely message is delivered to the right person in the right channel.

BFJ Media uses Vision6 and other tools that integrate to build funnel campaigns and much more for their customers. We had to find out how that works, so we had a chat with BFJ Media.

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Creative Assistance 

These three marketing automation essentials should help you tighten up your marketing automation, but if you’re looking for a bit more assistance, why not get in touch with BFJ Media.

A big thank you to BFJ Media for sharing their expertise! Now take these tips and boost your marketing automation.

Transcript of Video

Name of Person, Title, and Business Name:

Ben Henzell, Director, BFJ Media

Tell me a little bit about the company & what you do:

BFJ Media is a full-service digital ad agency, so that means we manage businesses online presence, from websites to email marketing, social media, search advertising, whatever the service needs to deliver the objectives for the client, which includes Vision6 for automation, email marketing, and SMS. The business has been going 9 years, we’ve used VIsion6 since day one. We use it for the obvious stuff, so email marketing, SMS marketing, automation is a big piece now. We are also using it with a lot of media integrations, building funnel campaigns and making sure that the customer sees the right message, whether it’s an ad, whether it’s an email of an SMS at the right time is how we use Vision6.

How does Vision6 make life easier for you:

Vision6 is easy to use, that’s the key I think. It makes our job easier to either manage for the client (the campaigns) or educate them on how to use Vision6 at their end.

What do you like best about Vision6:

We almost use it like the hub of where we put our customer data or our client’s customer data, we also use it to integrate with lots of different CRM’s as well. We’re enabling small to medium business, and some larger business, get that enterprise-level CRM functionality on the cheap but pull some of the product offerings out using Vision6 to reduce the cost of the marketing tech stack.

What would you say to someone thinking about implementing Vision6:

You’re probably going to use it for 9 years like I have here at BFJ Media, so absolutely give it a crack!

How would you describe your interactions with our Support Team:

For me, the support team is literally the best support of any of the tech providers we have, the support team at Vision6 are easy to deal with, they’re technical, they understand the product.

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