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Increase your customer engagement with email and SMS

Email and SMS are great ways to increase the engagement that your customers have with your brand. They’re also great ways to provide your subscribers with valuable and meaningful content.

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6 ways to add value to customers with SMS

As marketers and business owners we’re constantly thinking about new ways to effectively engage our customers and get our messages to them.

And that’s why SMS is on my radar big time at the moment. I’m seeing more and more businesses getting really awesome results using this channel. Find out how best to add value for your customers with SMS.

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8 convincing reasons why you NEED to do SMS marketing

It’s a bit of a given that email marketing is an awesome way to grow your business and engage customers. Rarely do I have to convince someone of the benefits of email marketing.

But what about email’s little sister SMS marketing? It’s a topic I feel pretty passionately about, in fact, I think SMS is one of the most underutilised marketing channels. Here are 8 reasons why you need to start using SMS.

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