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SMS Marketing Examples That Will Drive Immediate Results

Before we dive into some sms marketing examples, it’s important to know exactly what SMS marketing is and why should it be part of your marketing strategy!

If you’re like me, your smartphone is rarely out of reach at any given moment. SMS marketing still remains one of quickest and most direct ways for brands to communicate with customers. But before you blast your entire database and risk an unsubscribe, let’s check out some sms marketing examples and what we can learn from them.

SMS advertising tips to boost engagement

Compared to other traditional marketing channels such as email, SMS marketing showcases some of the highest user open rates. Therefore, it stands to reason that investing some extra energy into your next SMS marketing campaign is a sure fire way to boost your engagement rates and build lasting connections with your consumers. Luckily for you, we’ve provided a list of strategies below to help you get started with your SMS campaigns! 

Namedrop your brand in the message 

Nothing says well-oiled-SMS-marketing-machine like a message with all the right details. Make sure your customers know exactly who they’re talking to and include your brand in your next SMS marketing message. While including your business name just seems like the smart choice anyway, it’s also important for maintaining compliance.

Personalise your SMS marketing messages

You may have recieved text messages before which read more like an overly salesy attempt to push you to buy. Adding even a small aspect of personalisation to your messages can make a customer feel like you’re interested in them rather than just pushing a transaction. By segementing your database you can send messages which are tailored to subscribers preferences. Afterall your less likely to annoy an audience who are highly enagaged and invested in your content.

Drive more clicks with your call to action

With the right SMS message you can give your audience the incentive to visit your website with an easy click of a link. Don’t waste time with over complicated instructions and steps. Make sure your SMS advertising includes a sleek and simple call to action. Just remember to leave whitespace between your CTA and your opt-out link to avoid any accidental customer unsubscriptions.

Start the conversation

You’ve likely seen brands jumping online to carve out their slice of internet culture. It’s all to drive engagement and open up some dialogue. While you might not be there yet, you can replicate this model with some automated brand-consumer dialogue. 

SMS marketing is a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level. It’s extremely easy for recipients to text back, opening up the possibilities for competition entries, customer research and other promotions. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers are missing out on this opportunity because they don’t have the time to manage responses. But with the right SMS marketing software in place, responses can be captured and managed through a user-friendly dashboard.

Create a sense of urgency

If you’re want to drive more engagement, tailor your messaging to play into scarcity mindsets. SMS marketing messages of this nature are ideal for final day sales or competition entries.  

How to keep it legal

Even if you have exhausted all of your time and energy on making THE perfect SMS marketing campaign, you must make sure it’s legal. There are three main elements that you must have:

  • Prior consent from the recipient (express or inferred)
  • Accurate identification of the sender (your business name)
  • An easy opt-out or unsubscribe option with every SMS message

Just be mindful there are different rules and requirements according to what method of SMS marketing you use. For a more comprehensive guide on SMS marketing laws check out our blog SMS Marketing Laws Australia: Navigating them with ease.

Promotional SMS marketing examples 

Promotional SMS marketing refers to SMS campaigns that are sent with the intention to promote a product or service. The purpose of these kinds of messages differ from transactional SMS as they follow a whole set of unique regulations that you must adhere to.

A good rule of thumb for promotional messages is to use them sparingly and limit their usage to the following SMS marketing examples:

Special promotion or flash sale

A promotional SMS makes sense in the context of flash sale as it provides valued customers with information they are likely to be interested in. 

Balancing your urgent message with some playful emojis is a great way to promote your sale without sounding like one of those old closing down sale infomercials.


sms marekting example promoting flash sale
Source: Mailcharts

New product drop or feature release

Nobody likes to miss out so turn up the heat with a message that maximises on the anticipated return or arrival of a product. Chubbies strikes the right balance with this alluring yet relatable message. This message also taps into a subscribers fear of missing out by Implying there’s limited time to grab stock while it lasts.


sms advertising new product launch
Source: Mailcharts

Holiday promotion

A good thing about a holiday promotion is that you can really get creative. Try offering free shipping or invite customers to join your exclusive loyalty program. In this example Great Jones offers SMS subscribers early access to a Black Friday sale.


sms example of special vip promotion
Source: Mailcharts

Competition or referral programs

A competition or referral SMS is a great way to spread your brand’s message while growing your reach. Some brands like to give their customers an incentive to sing your praises. 

Why not take a page from the Lively team below and remind your customers that it’s never a bad idea to give a little when you get a little back. 


sms marketing example
Source: Mailcharts

Celebrating a milestone

Who doesn’t love an excuse to celebrate? Thankfully birthdays are a year round thing for your business and your customers.

With a customer’s birthday you can implement automated messaging to send special discounts. Alternatively, you can invite consumers to celebrate your own birthday with similar rewards.  

A pro-tip: If you’re going to use a birthday celebration in your next SMS campaign, don’t be afraid to make it a big deal to set yourself apart from the generic flash sale. 

Blume has it all figured out with this buy 2 and get 1 free sale.


sms marketing automation example
Source: Mailcharts

Transactional SMS marketing examples

Transactional SMS are perhaps a little more straightforward and are considered to be exchanges between you and your customer. They mainly refer to interactions triggered by a customer response. The great thing about these kinds of messages is that they can be automated, saving you time and making the customer experience that little bit smoother. 

Continue reading below for some SMS marketing examples of how to maximise on your transactional messages.

Password resets

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably received a password reset link or two. These messages usually contain a link to a secure website so customers can securely reset their passwords.  For any instructional message you want to avoid anything overly wordy and keep steps clear and concise like the one below. 


“Forgot your password? Click here to reset it. ”

Authentication or verification pin codes

Authentication and verification pins are sent to accounts to determine the recipient’s identity. They are often sent in response to a customer’s request to access their account.


“A 5-digit code has been sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the code to verify your identity and complete your transaction. This code will expire in 5 minutes.”

Appointment or booking reminders

SMS messages of this genre are useful for the forgetful among us. They advise customers of upcoming appointments and often require some sort of confirmation response from recipients.


“Your appointment is booked for 10:30 am on the 05/11/2023 with Raymond.  Please respond with YES to confirm or NO to cancel” 

Shipping or delivery status updates 

Shipping and delivery updates allow customers to track the progress of their purchase and/or shipment. These SMS messages often include tracking numbers, estimated delivery dates and a way to communicate any issues that may arise.

These messages can be useful in helping you build customer satisfaction as they are easy to access and can provide a seamless experience.


“Your package has been shipped and is on its way! Click on the link below to track your order now.”

Order confirmations

Much like shipping and delivery notifications, order confirmations notify customers that a purchase has been successfully made and is currently being processed. Often included in these messages is an itemised list of all the purchases with their prices and expected delivery dates.


“Your order has been received and we’re busy getting them to you! You can expect the selected items within 2-3 business days. Please find your order details below.”

Abandoned cart-notifications

Depending on your product or service, it might be a good idea to automate an SMS for any items left in a customer’s online shopping cart. Many brands will use these messages as an opportunity to offer discounts on products which is a clever way of incentivising consumers to just send it.


“Hey! It looks like you left some things in your cart, enjoy 5% off for the next 72 hours with the following code and follow the link to complete your purchase” 

Payment reminders or invoice receipts

Payment reminders or receipts are best used to inform customers of upcoming payments or to confirm that a payment has been received. They will often include the due date and the amount to be paid.


“Avoid late fees and pay your monthly subscription fee of $20 today! The deadline for payment is September 1st”

Next steps to launch your SMS marketing campaign

After brushing up on some SMS marketing examples, we’re sure that you’re ready to hit the ground running. However, one important thing to decide is how you might report and optimise your SMS campaigns. Vision6 have easy reporting features that let you access all your data points in one convenient location. 

Join today and unlock the potential of your next SMS marketing campaign with a free trial and you’ll have access to everything you need! From insights on engagement rates to all the latest legal requirements, we’ve got you covered! 

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