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New Video: Creative Ways to Handle Unsubscribes and Latest Metrics

The Email Marketing Metrics Report has just been updated with the latest stats from July and we’ve seen some movement across the charts. This video will shed some light on what these reports mean for your email marketing.

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Why you should never purchase an email marketing list

If you’re just starting out in email marketing, or you’re looking to expand your reach, it might be tempting to purchase a marketing database as a quick solution. And while I can see the lure of quickly getting your hands on a large number of new “leads”, there are some good reasons why you shouldn’t purchase a list or gather contacts through third parties.

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What do eating vegetables and managing bounced emails have in common?

Managing bounced emails is like eating our fruit and veg. It’s good for us and we know that we should do it – but so few of us actually do. But unlike failing to eat our daily RDI of 5 and 2, ignoring the bounced emails in our lists can do us some real harm.

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