Love it or hate it Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for your email marketing

When it comes to Valentine’s Day I can usually bundle my friends and colleagues into two main camps.

1) The hopeless romantics – They wouldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass without a little something special for that special someone

2) The ‘hallmark holiday’ cynics – As far as they’re concerned it’s an overhyped ‘hallmark holiday’ and steer clear of anything heart shaped on February 14.

Whichever group you belong to it’s hard to deny the opportunity that Valentine’s Day provides especially for the retail, hospitality and tourism industries. In the US 62% of adults say they celebrate Valentine’s Day and just check out the other mind blowing stats below.

Valentines Day by the numbers
Source: Valentines day by the numbers –

So how can you incorporate Valentine’s Day into your email campaigns? Here are a few simple things you can do.

Just give your subscribers a bit of love

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to give your subscribers a bit of love and offer them something special. This could be a the chance to win something, a discount, free shipping or something else of value.  

Appelles Valentine's Day email

Aldo Valentine's Day email

Make it easy with gifts for him or her

Most people want to find the perfect gift without it sucking up too much time, I mean we’re all busy right! A simple thing you can do is arrange your product emails so subscribers can clearly see which path they should take for either gifts for him or her.

You could also segment your database by gender but you would need to be confident in your data.

Scoopon Valentine's Day email

Put gift cards on the table  

If you have gift cards on offer Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to put these in front of your subscribers.

Lakehouse Valetines's Day Gift Voucher

This example below from Southwest Airlines is a great idea for all those long distance lovers!

Southwest Airlines Valentine's Day email

Not-for-profits can get in on the action

Being a not-for-profit doesn’t exclude you from taking advantage of Valentine’s Day (and the Hallmark Holiday cynics just may be inclined to reach into their pockets for a more noble cause). Below is an example from the Red Cross who incorporated Valentine’s Day as a way to drive donations.

Red Cross Valentine's Day email

Everyday Hero Valetine's Day email


Now it’s time for you to share the love with your customers! Check out our professionally designed Valentine’s Day email templates.

If you come across any great Valentine’s Day emails or if you are proud of a Valentine’s email you have created we would love to see them. Share them in the comments section below.

I would like to take this time to wish you all, even the hallmark holiday cynics, a Happy Valentine’s Day for February 14 ;)

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Belinda Walsh
Marketing Manager
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New autoresponder series templates have been released

We’ve released some newly designed autoresponder templates and they’re pretty snazzy!

Each autoresponder typically includes a series of three emails but you can customise them however you like.

Check out a summary of a typical autoresponder series below.

Email 1 – Thanks for subscribing opt-in confirmation email

A double opt-in process is where a contact who subscribes is asked to confirm their subscription to your list by clicking a link in an email which is sent to them.

Double opt-in lists have much higher engagement levels so we suggest setting up your subscriber list as a double opt-in list.

If you need help setting up your double opt-in process check out this article from one of our support gurus Brynnin.

Here is an example of one of the new templates.

Thank you confirmation email

Email 2 – Welcome email

Once confirmed you should welcome your new subscriber!

The humble welcome email is really effective. According to Marketing Sherpa the average open rate for a welcome email is a whopping 50%. Also subscribers that receive a welcome note show 33% more long term brand engagement. Those are some pretty persuasive numbers.

You really can help extend the life of your list by making a warm friendly first impression. In my opinion a welcome email autoresponder is a must for any subscriber list.

Check out these three ways to make a great first impression with your welcome email.

Here is an example of one of the new templates.

Welcome email

Email 3 – Unsubscribe confirmation email

There may come a time when people want out. Try not to take it personally, ultimately it is ensuring you have a highly engaged list and only send emails to people who are interested.

This email is a great way of introducing other ways people can stay in touch with you, like through your social channels.

I love it when brands add a bit of humour into these emails. Why not let them leave with a smile on their face. It might just make them reconsider or at the least keep you in their mind if a need arises again.

Check out these 4 examples of clever unsubscribe emails.

Here is an example of one of the new templates.

Unsubscribe email

These new autoresponder templates combined with our recently upgraded autoresponder feature make it even easier for you to save time by automating messages to your subscribers!

We will be releasing more templates over the course of 2015. Please let us know in the comments below if there are some email templates you would like to see us add to the library.

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Belinda Walsh
Marketing Manager
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New Feature: Share your email reports with anyone

High fives all round

Have you ever sent an email campaign out and been really happy with your results?

Maybe you had a really high open or click through rate?

Did you want to high five everyone in the room? No? That must just be me.

But at the very least when an email performs well you want to share your results. And previously if you wanted to show someone a report from your account, you needed to print it out.

Now with the newly released Report Sharing functionality you can easily share an online, statistics only version of your report with anyone.

Celebrate the success of your email or SMS messages with your boss and colleagues, or even your Mum.

Here’s a sample of a Shared Report so you can see what it looks like.

You can add notes to your Shared Report to brag about awesome click through rates, opens or anything really.

Report Sharing is really easy to do. Just login to your account, view a report, click the Share button (top right) and follow the prompts.

Don’t have an account? Sign up for free today to get started.

Posted by:
Belinda Walsh
Marketing Manager
Posted on in Email Marketing, New Features and Updates
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