Find out how Vinomofo use email marketing to drive 60% of their sales

When you’re competing with the retail giants like Coles and Woolies it’s impossible to have the same reach and number of customers.

But on the other hand, Vinomofo knows they can do one thing much better. Have better relationships with customers.

With that in mind about 60% of all Vinomofo sales come from emails, so this is one area they are really excelling in.

Check out this recap of their presentation from the Email Marketing Summit of Australia to find out how they build better relationships and increase sales using email marketing.

WARNING: With a name like Vinomofo it’s not surprising that this video contains some very naughty swear words.

Here’s a couple of the key gems Andre shared plus some awesome examples from Vinomofo’s email campaigns to showcase these ideas in action.

1. Be Human – write like you talk.

This is something Vinomofo does consistently well. How do they do it? They write with one specific person in mind, someone that they care about, like a good friend.

Write like you talk

2. Be unignorable – make a statement

It’s undeniable that the name Vinomofo makes a statement about the company and so do their emails. They’re setting out to appeal to a very specific target market and to be incredibly relevant to that target market.

Be unignorable

And here’s my favourite example of how Vinomofo engage their customers with interesting and fun emails (that are perfectly aligned to their brand).

Make a statement

Although my wine consumption may have dramatically increased as a result of these emails (subscribe at your own risk!), I have to say I actually look forward to seeing each campaign.

How about you? Do you have any emails that you really look forward to receiving? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Kelly Newbery
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Case Study: Find out how email helped one small business thrive

Naudic creates clothing and lifestyle products that celebrate a life well lived. The label was inspired by creator Emma Puttick’s many years of travel in Europe.

The exciting thing about this brand is that it evolved from a few cotton embroidered tunics created in Emma’s lounge room to beautifully designed clothing collections and lifestyle products sold Australia wide.

We caught up with Emma to find out her secrets to success and how email marketing has helped her business grow.

How did Naudic grow?

By listening to our retailer customers, and Naudic fans. Every day we hear from people saying what they love, which shape and colours work for them, and how we can improve on certain styles and products.

Plus we focus on providing exceptional customer service, we put a lot of energy into making sure our retailers are happy with the products, marketing material and displays. This then flows onto the Naudic fans, and shows that we really care.

It’s all about staying in touch.

What are the biggest challenges Naudic faces?

Our number one challenge is being able to communicate effectively with our stockists. We need to make sure they stay engaged with our brand so that they continue to make regular orders.

Plus we are always looking to build relationships with potential new stockists.

How do you use email to overcome these challenges?

We use email to engage with our stockists. It’s a really important marketing channel for Naudic because it’s essential that we can reach them with timely information. We mainly use email for two different type of communications.

1. New season collection showcase emails
We need to keep stockists up-to-date with all the new collections and email is the easiest way to do it. Social media is great for building awareness about the brand but when it comes to building and maintaining relationships with the stockists email is our best bet. It moves the conversation to a more personal environment.

These emails are very visual so that stockists can easily see the products and be inspired to put in an order.

Stockist email

2. Invites to our seasonal showings
In the fashion industry, showings are an important way to get collections in front of stockists and potential stockists.

We use email to get the word out so that people can quickly book into a showing. Email just makes this process much easier (plus it’s a lot more cost effective than the old snail mail).

Naudic event invite

Why email marketing?

We love the human element of email. Stockist are people, not just stores, so we try to make sure they never forget that. We maintain relationships with our stockists via email on a one-on-one basis, as well as automated email campaigns.

What results have you seen from your email marketing efforts?

Since implementing our email marketing strategy we’ve found that stockists are more engaged with our brand and more willing to put in orders each season. We’ve built really positive relationships with our stockists and are reaping the benefits with bigger orders and increased revenue.

Additionally we’ve seen a big increase in the number of stockists booking into events, plus we’ve saved both time and money (compared to when we used to manually post out invites). 

Email marketing is a critical part of our business and moving forward I am going to be looking for more and more ways to leverage this powerful tool. 

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New Templates: Show your customers some love

Valentine’s day is under a week away. Have you bought chocolates? Ordered flowers? More importantly have you emailed your customers?

Seasonal events like Valentine’s day, provide the perfect opportunity to engage your customers. Whether it’s with a special offer, to showcase your products or just show them a little love.

To make your life easier we’ve just released professionally designed Valentine’s Day themed email templates.

 Click to see the full template below.

Template 3   Template 2
Template 1   Template 4


They’re in your account and ready to go. Login and create a new message (you’ll find them under the seasonal templates).

Or if you don’t have an account, start free today and share the love this Valentine’s Day.

Need a little inspiration? Check out this blog post featuring some awesome ways businesses have incorporated Valentine’s Day into their email marketing.

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Kelly Newbery
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