Are you making these 3 embarrassing email marketing mistakes?

Don't make these embarrassing mistakesHow has your email marketing been performing recently? Are you kicking goals, getting conversions and increasing revenue?

Or are you like a lot of other people out there and your email marketing is going okay? Just okay. Nothing spectacular.

If this sounds like you, you’re probably making one of these common email marketing mistakes. But don’t worry, you can turn your email marketing around with these simple fixes.

1. Overloading your emails with content

This happens when you try to cram stacks of content into your email and sadly it makes a lot of people tune out before they even start reading.

You could have a lot of news you’d like to include but the reality is most people don’t like reading lengthy emails. In fact, according to MarketingSherpa, on average readers spend only 15-20 seconds reading marketing emails.

What to do about it – split your content up

First and foremost ask yourself is the content you’re including engaging and relevant for your customers? If it’s not, be brutal with your editing and cut your email back to include only the most compelling content.

But on the other hand, if you do have lots of good quality content, certainly don’t get rid of it! Consider splitting it up across several emails. For example in addition to your weekly newsletter, you could have a separate product announcement, an event invitation or an email dedicated to your latest blog posts.

By doing this you’ll be less likely to overload your customers with too much information in the one email. It also means that you’ll have more opportunities to convert your customers because you’ll be sending email more often.

2. Your emails are all about YOU

Are your emails jam packed with information about all your great products and their amazing features? Or full of company milestones and achievements? Well I hate to be the one to break it to you but your customers probably don’t care. They care about what’s in it for them. And how you’ll solve their problems.

What to do about it – benefits over features

One way to tackle this problem is to switch your focus. Instead of talking about your company zoom in on your customers. How will your products benefit them? Acknowledge their painpoint and demonstrate how your products will solve their problems.

For example, your customer might not care that your shoe inserts are made from 3M thinsulate plastic gel with 1.6M cushioning (feature), but they WILL care that your inserts make high heels comfortable so they can look and feel great in heels all day and night (benefit).

3. Asking too much of your readers

Do you want your readers to download your latest e-guide, sign up for a free webinar, subscribe to your blog, send your newsletter to their friends and share it on Facebook? Just reading all of that is exhausting, let alone acting out each individual call to action (CTA). You’re asking your readers to do too much.

Think of it like this – if you put too many different calls to action in your email your reader will get confused or overwhelmed and most likely freeze and do nothing at all, almost like a deer caught in the headlights.

What to do about it – hone in on one primary CTA

Don’t be afraid to tell your customers exactly what you want them to do, but where possible limit it to just one primary CTA per email.

And then make your CTA obvious, prominent and clear. Test out different types of CTA such as text links, buttons or images and find out what works best for your customer (in many cases it’s a combination of all three types).

So there you have it, three of the most common mistakes email marketers make and how to fix them.

Have I missed any? I’d love to know what you think the worst email marketing mistake is? Let me know in the comments box below.

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Kelly Newbery
Marketing Specialist

Australia’s new privacy laws and what they mean for your email marketing

Do you shudder at the thought of having to read over a neverending commonwealth act and endless legal babble? Do you feel like you need a law degree just to make any sense of it all? If so, you’re not alone, most people cringe at the thought. Australia’s recently amended Privacy Act is one that I have done plenty of sweating over in the last few months.

So where to begin, in late 2012 the Federal Government enacted the Privacy Amendment Act of 2012 and the new laws come into force on March 12. The amended act sees the National Privacy Principles and Information Privacy Principles replaced with a new set of 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

In essence the laws may require organisations to:

  • Identify the types of personal information they hold, collect, use and disclose. 
  • Amend compliance documentation – privacy policy and collection notifications.
  • Amend contracts.
  • Train staff and engineer compliance into their systems.

As many of Vision6 clients are small businesses it is worth noting that generally speaking most small businesses (businesses with an annual turnover of $3 million or less) are not considered APP entities. There are however exceptions to this for example in the case of a health care provider, so it is worth getting some legal advice if unsure.

So what are the top 4 things that you as an email marketer should do?

1.Get a privacy policy

The privacy amendments are all about being open and transparent with personal information. So if you don’t have a privacy policy now is a good time to get one that includes a collection notification statement which essentially details what you collect personal information for. ADMA has some great resources to help including their Privacy Policy Guideline document.

2. Don’t collect unnecessary information

These new privacy amendments make it pretty clear that you shouldn’t collect personal information unless that information is reasonably necessary for your business functions or activities. Make sure you are not collecting information that has no relevance to your business. For example don’t ask for a person’s driver’s licence number if they are just purchasing a product, it’s not relevant or necessary.

3. Make sure you are Spam Act compliant

The amendments have tightened up the practices around direct marketing. Since 2003 the Spam Act has been in play in Australia so I think we should all be fairly familiar with practices to comply with the act. The Spam Act refers to ‘Expressed Consent’, ‘Inferred Consent’ and also covers off unsubscribe practices. Learn more about the spam act.

4. Review where your data is stored

The privacy amendments introduce more stringent rules around cross border disclosure of personal information. If personal information is to be disclosed overseas the business must take reasonable steps to ensure that the overseas recipient does not breach the Australian Privacy Principles. In essence once data leaves Australian borders other laws apply (and not always the good type). Vision6 is an Australian business so all your personal data (and your subscriber data) is stored locally with Vision6, which is important if you too are an Australian based business.

So there you have it. Hopefully this helps you from waking up in the middle of the night in a Privacy Act cold sweat.

If you want some more information on the new Australian Privacy Principles you can download a summarised factsheet from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

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Belinda Walsh
Marketing Manager

How one small business made $59k in 10 days using email marketing

Tim Oldfield

Meet Tim Oldfield, he operates a local pool and spa care franchise, PoolWerx Cherrybrook. He has a retail store and five mobile service vehicles operating in the North Western suburbs of Sydney.

Tim and his team at PoolWerx Cherrybrook recently started using email marketing and they’ve seen some fantastic results which have led to a big increase in ROI.

I’d like to share with you some of the tactics and strategies they implemented, which led to their success.

It’s not all smooth sailing for a small business

Like with any small business PoolWerx Cherrybrook faces challenges. Getting customers in the door, retaining existing customers and of course boosting sales.

They needed a marketing solution to help them with their specific challenges, that didn’t cost the earth.

In particular the store needed to:

  • increase revenue to meet monthly sales budgets
  • be able to easily and quickly react to weather events
  • decrease the cost of using their graphic designer to create marketing collateral

It sounds like quite the challenge, but PoolWerx Cherrybrook found the solution – email marketing.

Challenge accepted!

As a PoolWerx franchisee, Tim was set up with a Vision6 account with branded email templates to help his business adopt email marketing.

Since July 2013 PoolWerx Cherrybrook have been actively using Vision6 for their local area marketing. And boy oh boy are they seeing a significant return on investment!

One of the best things about it was that Tim could get started straight away and see
results immediately.

“We just loaded in our database and we had an email out to 1,800 people that afternoon using one of the PoolWerx templates,” Tim told us.

“The ROI is huge, we’ve significantly reduced our marketing spend this financial year and are now smashing budgets,” he said.

Email marketing ticked all the boxes for the business.

Below are a couple of examples from PoolWerx Cherrybrook outlining exactly how they increased their ROI with email marketing.

1. Email marketing in action – Robotic Cleaner Campaign

November was a slow month for PoolWerx Cherrybrook. Towards the end of the month Tim executed an email marketing campaign to try and help move some high dollar products like robotic cleaners. The campaign spanned over a few days before the weekend sale event.

In the space of just over a week the store sent to their whole database three times with three different messages. But all included the robotic cleaners to keep this high value product top of mind. PoolWerx Cherrybrook sent out three emails, each building on the last and all featuring the robotic cleaners, including different angles and specials.

The result? A significant increase in sales for the month

To meet their budget by the end of November PoolWerx Cherrybrook needed $60k in sales in 10 days, which normally would be an incredibly tough target to meet.

In fact, it would have been completely unachievable if they hadn’t implemented the email campaign. The campaign was a success and PoolWerx Cherrybrook made over $59k in under 10 days, a store record.

2. Email marketing in action – Water Testing Reminders

PoolWerx Cherrybrook have implemented a water test reminder email. Whenever people came into the store to get a water test they could sign up for the reminder email as they purchased their goods.

The result? An open rate over 40%

This is an outstanding open rate and well above the average unique open rate reported by the Australian Email Marketing Metrics Report.

This is because people wanted to receive the emails. Pool health is a big concern for many pool owners, so receiving a reminder is a practical way to keep up to date with testing.

What makes email marketing the best option?

Sending emails allows PoolWerx Cherrybrook to ensure their content is relevant and engaging.

According to Tim, “We can be far more targeted than the traditional advertising we have done in the past. We are talking to people who definitely have pools and are familiar with the PoolWerx brand.”

Traditional advertising had a higher cost and no guarantee that the audience would be interested in PoolWerx, or even own a pool for that matter.

Using email marketing ensured the store would be reaching their ideal audience and they can do it all in-house without the need for expensive graphic designers.

A bright future ahead for PoolWerx Cherrybrook and email marketing

The above campaigns are just the tip of the iceberg. Tim is already planning to use Vision6 to further streamline the store’s marketing.

Tim understands the benefits of creating profiles about your customers. Next up he wants to collect information about what equipment customers own and their purchase history. Once he has this information he can use conditional content to send even more targeted and relevant messages.

PoolWerx Cherrybrook are on their way to implementing their own content marketing strategy. Tim has conducted research and found that his customers don’t understand pool chemistry but want to find out more. This gave him the idea to introduce ‘Pool School,’ which is an email series aimed at educating customers on all the basics of water chemistry.

PoolWerx Cherrybrook are just one of thousands of Vision6 customers who are successfully using email marketing to boost sales and increase ROI.

Are you a Vision6 customer with a great success story? If so I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a note in the comments section. Not already a customer? Sign up for free with Vision6 today and start generating revenue from email marketing.  

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Posted by:
Kelly Newbery
Marketing Specialist
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