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How to work smarter with agile marketing

The interesting thing about the agile mindset is that most marketers are intrinsically already agile. We’re highly responsive to the market, plus we make decisions and execute on them quickly.
But we can always do better, which is why I want to share some key takeaways from Agile Marketing Unpacked to help you and your marketing team become more agile.

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How to resend an email to non-openers the smart way

If you send an email and it doesn’t perform as well as you hoped, should you resend it to people who didn’t open it? On the plus side, some people who missed it or were too busy to open it the first time might take a look and you’ll get a few more opens, clicks and (hopefully) conversions. Here’s some tips for how to get re-sending emails rights.

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Improve your email campaigns with our new Google Analytics integration

We’ve integrated Vision6 with Google Analytics which means you now have even more data at your fingertips to better measure the success of your email campaigns and grow your business.

Find out how many subscribers click through to your website, the number of pages they visit, and what visitors become paying customers.

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