Best Design Winner: 10 play – Network Ten

Best Design Winner: 10 play – Network Ten

Crafted by: 10 Play – Network Ten

What’s this about?

10 play is Network Ten’s free on-demand, catch up and live on-air streaming service which delivers a seamless integration between broadcast and digital publishing, incorporating shows from their multichannel offering as well as content from their other brands such as 10 All Access and 10 Speaks.

Why we love it

10 play have taken the traditional TV guide and turned it on its head in a surprising and clever way, serving their audiences up with the fresh, the unexpected and the creative. The 10 play Sunday newsletter promotes cross-channel content for the upcoming week. It features a simple yet eye-catching design with creative CTAs that makes you want to click. As their submission outlined, “It’s simple, fun and easy – like Sunday morning!”