Understand Your Audience: Signup Forms

Use signup forms to collect the information you need to know your visitors better. Then target and personalise your emails better.

Turn More Visitors Into Leads

Give visitors the ability to join your mailing lists right from your website using your signup forms then watch your lists grow.

Use Vision6 forms to collect almost any type of information you need. Your new subscriber is automatically added to your Vision6 list and you are notified by email. With customisable, brandable, flexible forms, you’ll be able to get in front of more people and grow your lists.

Add Signup Forms to Your Website

Give visitors the ability to join your mailing lists right from your website with code, a URL or the WordPress integration. New signups are automatically added to your list and you can receive a notification.

Create Gated Content

Use forms as the gatekeeper to your locked content. Once readers have provided their details to download your resource, have Vision6 begin a nurture workflow and convert more readers into buyers.

Survey Your Customers

Keep a finger on the pulse of your customers by collecting feedback, gauging loyalty and understanding buying habits with Vision6 forms. Use the existing fields to capture what you want to know, all in one place, without any additional software.

Record Event RSVPs

Use your forms to take registrations or RSVPs, for your next event. Include all the details on your form and enable your attendees to register on the same page with a dedicated form. All registrations will be saved together in your lists.

Collect What You Want, How You Want

There’s no limit to the information you can collect with Vision6 forms, and the best part is you can make your forms look how you want. Change the colours, add or remove fields, add images or more text with the free form builder.

Be GDPR Compliant

Vision6 makes GDPR compliance easy with a checkbox that adds a ‘consent component’ to your signup forms. This adds a mandatory field for people to tick when submitting the form. This, along with your explanation gives you informed consent.

Grow Your Marketing List!

Get started with Signup Forms Now.