Quick, Easy, Organised: Email Feedback

No EDM marketing gets created in a vacuum. Email feedback gathers your stakeholders’ comments all in one place.

Get Your Changes Made & Your Email Sent

Don’t lose time chasing stakeholders for feedback on your email, or searching for that sticky note with the required changes. Email feedback assembles all of your email comments in one place.

Send a test email with your request for design and content feedback with Vision6. Use the simple toggle in the email test feature when you send on the email. Then receive stakeholder feedback, with all of the comments collated in one place for easy reference. Manage your email approval process with ease!

Keep Your Boss Happy

It’s important in any project to make sure that your stakeholders are satisfied. Easily keep them involved in the design and content of your emails and smoothly manage their comments with email feedback in Vision6.

Stay Organised Without Trying

Your feedback is organised for you with email feedback. Simply log in and access the message to find all of the comments collated for you in one place for easy reference.

Save Time on Your Approval Process

Let Vision6 contact your stakeholders then assemble their feedback.