Centrally Manage All Your Accounts With Command Centre

Seamlessly manage the auditing, permissions, and billing of all your sub-accounts within one ecosystem. 

More power to grow and scale quickly

Want more visibility and control over your departments, brands or franchises? Our multi-tiered Command Centre account gives you the ability to oversee your organisation’s sub-accounts at no extra cost!  

Command Centre gives you the autonomy to create new accounts and build custom environments to suit each individual department, brand or franchise.

You can easily set different permissions, billing models and IPs addresses all from the one central account. 

Protect the reputation of your accounts with dedicated IPs

Assigning separate IP addresses ensures the protection of each account’s domain reputation, giving your teams the freedom to manage their account without impacting the success of other accounts.


More transparency over your organisation

Increase efficiency with one central filing system where you can easily access and monitor your account environments. Easily track the growth of your business and identify the teams that are accelerating and teams with room to grow.

What’s included in the Command Centre?

Get all the tools you need to grow your business more efficiently. Manage different departments, brands or franchises with a multi-tiered Command Centre Account.

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Multi-tier Account Structure

Add, manage and audit all your sub-accounts from your main Command Centre account.

Share Branding Assets & Email Templates

Maintain brand consistency by sharing access to your company templates and assets with selected sub-accounts.

Unlimited Sub-Accounts and User Seats

Expand your empire and your teams with the ability to add as many sub-accounts as you need as well as unlimited users for each of your sub-accounts.

Full User Audit History

Add an extra layer of security to your account by monitoring user access and other activity records. Admin users can view and audit the full history of the account by each user - be it emails sent, changes to payment methods, when a user was added or removed, and more.

Role-based Permissions

Invite users and assign the appropriate level of access and permissions for each one. Easily track and monitor user activity so you can work collaboratively in a transparent team environment.

Billing Preferences

Flexible payment options via credit card or direct debit means you can sail through the billing process with ease. Plus, you have the option to assign either your admin account or sub-account as the payee.

Select any Marketing Plan

Choose any marketing plan to best suit the needs of each sub-account, with the flexibility to change the plan type at any time.

Message Send Restrictions

Easily distribute budget by setting send limits per user for both email and SMS messages.

Dedicated IP Management

Protect each of your sub-account's domain reputation by assigning separate IP addresses.

Two Factor Authentication

Give your organisation that extra layer of security and keep your accounts safe from potential security breaches by implementing Two-Factor Authentication across all accounts.

Sender Profile Restrictions

Ensure brand consistency and avoid sender errors by easily assigning and authorising specific users to send from certain email addresses. Available to Pro and Business Plans Only.

Message Content Approvals

Create a consistent and transparent feedback loop by requesting content or design approvals before sending an SMS or email campaign. Available to Pro and Business Plans Only.

Your Data is Safe With Us

When it comes to protecting the data of your organisation as well as your customers, Vision6 is your best choice. All our customer data is stored on Australian servers and locked down behind multiple layers of digital and bio-metric barriers. Our ISO 27001 and SOC2 certifications mean that we maintain the highest international security standards, so you can confidently rely on us to keep your organisation fully compliant. 

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