Know Your Subscribers: Advanced Segmentation

Quickly and easily segment your data to gain a better understanding or to email a specific group.

Boost Your Email Metrics

It’s no secret personalised emails get better results. Take yours to the next level with the advanced segmentation tool in Vision6.

Advanced segmentation lets you quickly and easily segment your data to gain a better understanding of the people who make up your list. Find out how many subscribers are in a certain age bracket or segment them by any other data you’ve collected. Once you know your subscribers, create and send emails custom-designed for them to only them.

Build Engagement by Speaking to Your Subscribers

Subscribers, heck people, respond better to you and your message when they think you are paying attention to them and speaking only to them. Get their attention, and respect, by showing you know them.

Provide Relevant Information

By using wildcards, the Vision6 personalisation tool, you can tailor the information that your readers receive in their email. For example, show them the details of their closest store or related items to their last purchase.

Start Talking to Your Subscribers

With advanced segmentation.