Boost Your Email ROI:
Real-time Insights

Make more informed marketing decisions and grow your EDM marketing with reports that are easy to understand.

See What’s Working Quickly & Easily

Our in-depth reporting makes it easy for you to make improvements to your email strategy. Get instant insight into which campaigns are working and which are not.

Our interactive graphs make it super easy to monitor your open and click-through data in real-time. We’ve taken the hassle out of providing performance updates to your boss with a percentage view, click maps and in-depth reporting features.

Business & Enterprise Solution Partners | Telstra

“Vision6 is a great platform that has grown our customer database. Excellent responsive reporting that enables us to review and target future content of interest. The system is intuitive and easy to use even for those without coding experience. Service requests are always responded to and resolved quickly.”

Renee Fraser Business & Enterprise Solution Partners | Telstra

Easy Compliance

In this data protection focused world, making sure you are working within the regulations is vital. Vision6 will automatically determine whether to resend or deactivate a bounced email. Reports also show you which email addresses bounced and why, as well as who unsubscribed.

Craft a Better Email

When you can easily see which links in your email get the most clicks you can make better decisions about the design of your email. Vision6 allows you to see that with click maps. Keep improving your conversion rates with better-crafted emails that come from a stronger understanding.

Track Beyond the Click

See what subscribers do once they click from your email to your website with the Google Analytics and Vision6 integration. Only a few steps to integrate your email marketing to Google Analytics can help you learn more about your customers.

Benchmark Your Email Marketing

See how your emails compare with the Australian Email Marketing landscape using the Email Marketing Metrics Report, produced by Vision6. Discover trends that have an impact on your campaigns and improve your email marketing.

Produce Better Email Marketing Campaigns

With a better understanding of your customers from clear and easy to read reports.