APAC Marketers' Meetup

Turbocharging Growth with Behavioural Science featuring Dan Monheit

The APAC Marketers’ Meetup is back in 2024 and we’re kicking things off with Dan Monheit, #1 best-selling author of ‘The Why, The Book’ and CEO & founder of Hardhat, Australia’s foremost creative agency. 

Dan is regarded as one of the industry’s leading thinkers on behavioural science, brands, communications and decision-making. He has been featured in major publications such as The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, and CMO Magazine.

Get exclusive insights from Dan Monheit, CEO & Founder of Hardhat

So much of what we’re taught about business and marketing makes complete sense, provided our audiences are perfectly rational human beings.

Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. In truth, humans are surprisingly irrational species, subconsciously driven by emotions and blindsided by cognitive biases. Yet brands often base their strategies on the opposite assumption and then wonder why their approach falls short.

In this action-packed presentation, Hardhat CEO and Behavioural Science Expert, Dan Monheit uses core concepts from Behavioural Science to explain why following logical, well-introduced advice, can lead to catastrophic outcomes for brands.

Expect to question everything you thought you knew about marketing, and get real-world examples and actionable takeaways to skyrocket business growth!

Meet Your Expert Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Dan Monheit

CEO & Founder of Hardhat Agency & #1 Amazon Best Selling Author 

Dan is the founder and CEO of Hardhat, Australia’s foremost agency built on behaviour, with clients including Kogan.com, Simply Energy, Superhero and DocuSign.

Regarded as one of the industry’s leading thinkers in the areas of brands, communications and human decision making, Dan has presented locally, and at major international events including SXSW in Austin Texas as well as being invited to collaborate on content series with the likes of Meta, Google and CarSales. His book ‘The Why, the Book’ is an Amazon Marketing & Consumer Behaviour #1 Best Seller.


Renée Chaplin

VP – APAC at Constant Contact

Renée Chaplin has led marketing and commercial teams in the Asia Pacific region over the last 20 years. With a particular focus on B2B tech companies, Renée’s experience stems from start-ups to multinational SaaS organisations. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Renée is the Vice President – Asia Pacific, for leading online email marketing company, Constant Contact. A passionate marketer driven by customer experience and commercial growth, Renée is dedicated to helping marketers and small business owners thrive in today’s competitive landscape through reliable and intelligent marketing solutions.

Why You Should Watch?

Expect an honest, engaging, and inspiring session that will help you understand the quirks behind human nature so you can create cutting-edge campaigns. 

Get ready to boost your ROI and drive business growth with Dan’s invaluable insights.

  1. 01 Uncover Untapped Potential - Learn to break through human biases and tap into your business' hidden potential.
  2. 02 Innovate Fearlessly - Gain insights into the creative process that empowers businesses to stand out in today's dynamic marketplace.
  3. 03 Global Perspectives, Local Impact - Discover how to align your brand's global vision with actionable strategies and exclusive case studies.
  4. 04 Q&A Fireside Chat - A RARE opportunity to hear from the industries most accomplished marketing leaders.

Watch APAC Marketers' Meetup with Dan Monheit On-Demand

Register to watch our on-demand recording of APAC Marketers’ Meetup with Dan Monheit: “Turbocharging Growth with Behavioural Science”. This recording will be available until May 26, 2024.


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