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How resending one email drove 33% more conversions

Improve results with email

Can resending emails increase conversions?

This case study will showcase how resending one email can drive 33% more email conversions.

We routinely test various elements of our email marketing campaigns, including subject lines, send times, images, call to actions, layouts and much more.

But there was one thing that until recently we hadn’t tested.

Resending an email to people who didn’t open it the first time.

After recently writing a blog post on the topic, we thought it was time that we tested it out for ourselves. It was an interesting experience and the results really surprised us.

So much so that we decided to share our experience with you in case you want to try it out for yourself.

Let’s begin.


When a new customer joins Vision6 they have the option to turn on SMS features in their account. But not all customers see this option so a lot don’t even know that it’s available.

In an effort to change that, we recently made the SMS features easier to find and decided to send an email to customers to let them know about it.

Naturally we didn’t want to bother customers with this message if they already had SMS features turned on. So we segmented our database and only sent the email to those without it.

This is the email we sent them (click to view in full) with the below subject line.

Send and track SMS messages in your account

SMS Features - Email 1

This is how it performed

Open rate: 37.5%
Click to open rate: 8.5%
Conversion rate: 1.5%

But we thought we could do better than that and decided that this was the perfect opportunity to test the tactic of resending an email to people who haven’t yet opened it.

The idea being that we might achieve a few extra email conversions by doing so.

Why this email you might ask? Well, we knew it’d be low risk because it’s only being sent to a small segment of our database.

And what we’re asking customers to do is also low risk because turning on SMS features in their account is free and only takes a minute to do.

Conducting the resend

As I said earlier, we do try and follow our own advice so we made a few changes to the email before resending it.

1. Tweak the subject line

We knew this second email had to work harder to get noticed in the inbox as it was being sent to people who didn’t open the first one. So we made a couple of changes to the subject line.

The new subject line greeted the reader by name and was framed as a question in an attempt to capture the reader’s attention and entice them to open the email.

The new subject line looked like this.

%%First_Name%%, did you know you can send and track SMS messages in Vision6?

2. Tweak the copy

Given that only 8.5% of people who opened the email clicked a link to find out more information, we decided to re-write the value proposition in the header image.

We felt it needed to be stronger and speak more directly to the value that SMS marketing provides to small-to-medium businesses.

What we came up with was this.

Reach customers with important and time-critical messages.

This is what the second email looked like (click to view in full).

SMS Features - Email 2

3. Adjust the timing

Previous experience suggests that most of our customers open our emails within 3 days of us sending them. This pattern held true with our first email which you can see in the timeline report below.

SMS Report

It was sent on a Tuesday morning so we decided to hold off from sending the second version of the email until 3 days later on Friday.

Again, previous experience told us that product-related emails sent on a Friday afternoon largely go unnoticed. So we decided to send the second email in the morning for maximum impact.

4. Define the measurements – good and bad

Before we sent the email we discussed what our measurements were going to be in order to determine its success.

Whilst we wanted additional conversions (customers to turn on SMS features in their account), we didn’t want it to come at the cost of additional unsubscribers or complaints.

Here’s how the resend performed

Open rate: 13%
Click to open rate: 16%
Conversion rate: 0.5%

At first glance, these numbers are quite uninspiring. But when you look at the email conversion rate, that’s a 33% lift on where it was before.

Whilst this particular email isn’t directly linked with revenue, imagine if you were able to achieve the same results from a promotional campaign. You’d receive an extra 33% of revenue just by resending an email to those who didn’t open it the first time


As a test case, this was quite encouraging for us. Particularly because there were no unsubscribes or complaints from the email resend (nor the original email for that matter).

So this was a successful test as far as we’re concerned. It’s shown that (for us) resending an email to people who didn’t open it the first time can drive increased email conversions without having a negative impact on our database.

But is it right for you? Well you’ll just have to (you guessed it) — test it.

P.S. For helpful tips and advice on conducting a resend, be sure to check out our blog post on resending an email to non-openers the smart way.


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