Personalise Your Emails
with Nifty Images

Create highly personalised images, timers and dynamic content that demand your subscribers’ attention.

Design Your Emails to Stand Out

With inboxes becoming more and more crowded your emails are forced to work harder than ever for subscribers’ attention. So if you want to give yourself a fighting chance, email personalisation is a must!

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Nifty Images so you can make the most of your data to deliver a personalised experience to each of your subscribers. All you need to do is copy and paste your custom code into your HTML source icon.

Delight Your Customers With Personalised Images

Image personalisation not only increases your engagement rates but it adds a ‘cool’ factor to your email campaigns. With Nifty Images’ easy-to-use editing tools you can customise your own design within minutes. Create dynamic images that can change based on any data field that is stored within your Vision6 account, not just a contact’s first name!

Create Urgency With Countdown Timers

Do you have an upcoming event or a promotional offer? Add a live countdown timer to your emails to build anticipation and convince your subscribers to act now or risk missing out. Easily customise colour, fonts, text effects and background images so your timer is designed to stand out in their inbox.

Make Your Emails Relevant With Dynamic Timers

Take it one step further and instantly grab your subscribers’ attention with a timer that’s unique to them. Whether you’re counting down your subscriber’s trial period or a special offer, the timer will automatically start as soon as your customer opens your email.

Delight Your Subscribers!

With Nifty personalised images in your emails.