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20 ideas to inspire your next email newsletter

We all know content is king and email marketing is one of the best amplification channels for sharing content with your audience. Earlier in the year we shared tips on how to turn your content calendar into a money making machine but if your click through and open rates are starting to dwindle, perhaps it’s time for an inspiration boost. 

So whether you’re planning a new content calendar or just need a little inspiration to breathe new life into tired campaigns, here’s 20 ideas for your next email newsletter.

Out of the box

The best inspiration often comes from unexpected places. Catch up with people outside of your team and ask what’s exciting them lately. Ask anyone and everyone that is available from the work experience kid to the CEO – you never know what topics you might uncover. Here are some potential sources: 

1. The work experience kid
2. The CEO
3. Anyone in the office that has time
4. Your professional network
5. Social media
6. Those newsletters in your personal inbox that you haven’t read yet

Lifestyle property group, BresicWhitney, often look outside of typical real estate topics for inspiring content for their Sydney-centric readers. In their July newsletter, BresicWhitney included an article discussing “the art of slow stitching” and how it could save busy Sydneysiders from burnout, as well as a photo essay uncovering the city’s notorious history. 

By stepping outside of the usual real estate listings and market reports, BresicWhitney set themselves apart from their competitors and provide extra value to their readers.

A new perspective

To keep your newsletters fresh and engaging, research topics that are currently trending and put your own spin on them. My favourite tool to find out what topics are getting attention is Google Trends as well as a social listening tool like BuzzSumo.  You can browse categories and search by keywords, location and time period.

Channel your inner journalist and form an opinion piece on whichever topic you feel is relevant for your brand and your readers. Get in touch with experts for comments, dig deeper for longer form content (great for SEO!) and provide your readers with original content that they won’t find anywhere else.

7. Research Google Trends
8. Browse topics using BuzzSumo
9. Keep up-to-date with industry news
10. Interview the office experts
11. Interview long-term clients

Runtastic, an online health and fitness community, weighed in on the trending topic of early morning versus evening workouts in one of their email newsletters. It’s a great opportunity to show that you understand your audience and can provide a new perspective on topics that are interesting to them.

Make news

While thinking outside the box and taking advantage of trending topics, don’t forget that there is one topic that you can always depend on for complete originality – your own business!

12. Run a competition or promotion
13. Recap a recent event
14. Make a team announcement
15. Launch a new product/service
16. Share insights into your company
17. Write a success story on one of your clients/customers

In this example, global design consultants Edenspiekermann kick off their July newsletter with a piece on how they value collaboration within their own business and end the newsletter with a list of upcoming events that they’re involved in.

This provides readers with an insight into the business beyond a list of products or services. In discussing their values, their team members and their strategies for success, Edenspiekermann can connect with and inspire their audience which would likely be other businesses and industry professionals.


Have some interesting data worth sharing with the world? Turn it into a compelling infographic for your next newsletter. UK marketing agency, NeoMam, call it “visualised information” and in an – you guessed it – infographic, they explore the stats behind why it’s so successful. Here are some potential data sources for infographics: 

18. General industry report
19. Individual client/customer activity report
20. Company activity report

Fitbit embrace visualised information in this email newsletter example below. And even better, they use the reader as the source of the stats – because, let’s face it, we are our own favourite topic!

Go with the season

Seasonal content is a great starting point for any editorial calendar. Just identify key dates throughout the year that are relevant for your business and develop content ahead of time to breeze through newsletter creation during those periods.

For example, well-being and beauty brand, Philosophy, used Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to reach out to their target audience and advertise their range of gifts. 

Creating your next email newsletter doesn’t have to be stressful. If you follow these tips and plan ahead, you’ll always have quality content ready to go.

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