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Email Marketing Ideas to Inspire Your Holiday Campaigns

As the holiday season begins to dawn on us, the panic starts to set in as we brace ourselves for one of the busiest times of the year. Sitting in an overcrowded inbox, we face some intense competition. But what can we do that will set us apart and preferably above our competitors? Here’s our top email marketing ideas to help you win the battle of the inbox these holidays.

Leverage the Power of SMS

Your subscribers’ inbox is a hot piece of real estate, especially over the holiday period when the promo emails start to pour in. Every email is screaming “Pick me” “Pick me” which makes it hard to break-through all the noise. So it’s time to start thinking outside the inbox by supercharging your holiday campaigns with SMS Marketing. SMS puts your messaging right where your subscribers are always looking. And with Vision6 you can easily create highly personalised messaging from the same platform as your emails.

Here are some SMS examples to help you hijack your way to the forefront of your customer’s mind:

Promotional Offer Example

Example of Holiday SMS Marketing

Order Update Example

SMS Message Example

Holiday Greetings Example

Example of Holiday SMS Marketing

Still not convinced SMS is right for you? Check out the cool infographic below with 6 reasons why SMS is a real game-changer.

The Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

Decorate Your Holiday Emails

Don’t be vanilla and bore your subscribers with the same old branded emails. Break-away from tradition and start embracing the holiday spirit.

Here’s a few ideas to help you spice up your email campaigns these holidays:

  • Instantly grab the attention of your subscribers by experimenting with different emojis in your subject lines. 
  • Surprise and delight your subscribers with bold imagery and interactive content. Try using video, animated GIFs or create fun interactive experiences like quizzes. 
  • If you’re a seasoned decorator when it comes the holiday season, why not get creative and ornament your logo. You can also re-use the design across all your marketing assets to maintain consistency. 
  • Spruce up your colour theme! But don’t go crazy by reinventing yourself with an entirely different look. Remember you still want to remain on-brand. For Halloween, you may want to consider creating your emails in dark mode to give it a more eery feel. 
  • Keep your email copy short and snappy by adopting a less formal and conversational tone of voice. No one wants to be bombarded with emails that contain a rambling of text. 

Send Your Holiday Emails to the Right People

Sounds so easy right? But sometimes it’s hard to suss out whether your leads are genuinely interested in your offering. By leveraging your customer behavioural data, you can start developing highly personalised and targeted campaigns that will earn your subscribers’ attention. 

Here are some data-backed trends to set your holiday email marketing game on fire: 

  • Maximise your holiday reach by running a re-engagement campaign to include last year’s holiday purchasers. 
  • Expect your shoppers to start browsing early. Start setting up your trigger-based emails to guide your interested customers to the checkout line.  
  • Target your late-night shoppers who look forward to their midnight scrolling. Consider scheduling your email sends later in the night to capture those “night owls”.
  • Towards the end of your holiday promotional period begin sending emails to all your subscribers who were active over the holiday season but didn’t make a purchase.

Flaunt Your Best Assets

Sometimes all your subscribers need is a little nudge in the right direction. The right direction being the path to purchase. If you’re in a race against a handful of your competitors, start flaunting your best assets so your potential customers will have no other option but to turn to you.  

Here are a few incentives worth mentioning in your next holiday email sends:

  • Your flawless checkout process with alternative payment methods, allowing customers to gift now and pay later.
  • Free Shipping! Because there’s nothing worse than finally arriving at the checkout to see an extra $15 added to your transaction.
  • Show-off your superior customer service by offering free gift wrapping with purchase. 
  • If you’re known as a speed demon when it comes to processing your orders let your customers know. For example, “Order before 2 pm and have your package shipped the same day!”
  • Create the pressing need to click-through now by sending out regular reminders for your flash sales, special offers or promo codes.

Take Your Email Automations to the Next Level

As frantic shoppers start to engage in last-minute impulse buys over the holidays, so comes the rise of transactional emails. You know your run-of-the-mill order confirmation, password reset or invoice notification emails that are more likely thrown into the hands of IT or accounts departments. Well it’s time for your marketing team to grab those keys back and unlock the untapped potential of your trigger-based emails.

Believe it or not, these bland emails (below) tend to receive 8x higher open rates than your regular promo emails. Why not trade in your outdated transactional templates for a newer, sexier model. Breathe some life back into your trigger-based emails so your subscribers can get a feel for your brand and what you’re all about.

In this example below, The Dollar Shave Club has used their subscription confirmation email to create an upsell campaign. The highly targeted and personalised nature of this email avoids any suspicion that it’s an automation.

Power Combo: Holiday Marketing x Abandoned Cart Emails

With an inbox that’s packed to the brim over the holiday season, subscribers can often suffer from promo overload. And with the competition being so fierce it’s no surprise your customers have started building multiple tabs of lonely abandoned cart items. So if you’re suffering from abandonment issues, don’t just sit there waiting and wondering whether you’ll ever be chosen. Start incorporating your abandoned cart emails into your holiday marketing campaigns.

Your holiday promotions and special one-time offers are the perfect hook to reel your customers back in. Here’s an example of Columbia Sportswear using their Black Friday Sales as a strong incentive for customers to jump back in and purchase their discounted goods. The call-to-action also creates the pressing need for customers to click-through and find out the price reduction on their abandoned item. 

Tis’ the Season to be Prepared

We’ve all experienced the overwhelming buzz in the lead up to the holiday season. And as a result, we tend to skip over minor details which can lead to errors being made. Remember we’re all human, mistakes are inevitable. That’s why you need to start your house-keeping early by planning a series of “oops” emails that will be ready to launch if necessary. If the situation is handled swiftly, your customers are more likely to forgive and forget your little hiccup. We know it’s a busy time of the year but don’t knock this task back on your to-do list, it’s better to plan for the worst than hope for the best.

If you want to be ahead of the game, here are a few of apology email templates which are available to edit in your Vision6 account:

Whoops – Template Example

Example of an Apology Email

Uh oh – Template Example

Apology Email Template

Sorry – Template Example

Example of an Apology Email

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