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Could your monthly newsletter be holding you back?

For a long time now businesses have been relying on the trusty email newsletter to communicate with their customers. And why not? It works.

But if your monthly email newsletter is the only time you’re engaging with customers, it’s very likely that you are not receiving optimal results for your efforts.

Let’s explore 5 reasons why your monthly newsletter could be holding you back.

1. Putting deadlines ahead of subscribers

Too many marketers fall into the trap of sending their email newsletter at a fixed date every month, regardless of whether they have anything of genuine interest to say to their subscribers. This is a fundamental mistake as they are putting their own deadlines ahead of the interests of their subscribers.

2. Too much content

When you rely only on a monthly newsletter to communicate with your customers, there is a tendency to cram it full of content. How else are you going to tell them about all the interesting things that happened throughout the month right? But with so much content, people can feel overwhelmed and are more likely to tune out.

3. Poor quality content

The opposite to the above can also happen. In an attempt to meet the quota of articles that monthly newsletters tend to have, marketers often need to resort to including un-newsworthy content. This type of poor quality content not only fails to engage your subscribers, but it also damages your reputation which leads to less people reading and more people unsubscribing.

4. Bad timing

The best time to send an email newsletter to customers is whenever it is most likely to get read and acted upon. By waiting for that one fixed date of the month to send your email newsletter to customers, you’re potentially missing out on opportunities to convert. This is particularly relevant when you work in seasonally influenced industries such as retail.

5. Only one chance to convert

By sending just one email to your customers each month you limit yourself to just one opportunity to convert. You also risk a low brand exposure. If you are lucky and have a highly engaged audience who have a strong demand for your product and services, this might be ok. But for most businesses, it is better to stay top of mind throughout the month to put yourself in a better position for when the customer is ready to buy.


If you have something of value and interest to say to your customers — then say it. Don’t force yourself to wait for your next scheduled monthly newsletter. Get the word out there and give yourself the best chance to see a return straight away. And if you have a monthly newsletter, compliment it throughout the month with more regular and targeted campaigns.

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