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5 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Inspire Your Email Campaign

We’ve taken the quintessential Christmas gift ideas guide and taken it to the next-level to give you the Christmas marketing ideas guide! So take this list, check it twice, and turn your email campaigns from naughty to nice.

As we all know Christmas is the best time of the year to boost sales. Consumers have been preparing for months to spend big. But just how big are we talking, here?

Let’s look at some numbers to see how good the holiday season really is for businesses. A whopping $51 billion was the forecast retail spending for Australia during the 2018 Christmas, and we can only image 2019 will be even bigger!

With increased mobile and internet shopping, more and more people are vying to get hold of the best deals in the market. Here is how you get to the customers first at this extremely competitive time of the year.

This list of Christmas marketing ideas will have you set for a very merry holiday season.

1. Bold and beautiful gift ideas for the e-commerce or service industry.


Subject line: ALLAN, earn up to $30 in BONUS REWARDS with this cracker of an offer

Why it works: Simple design layout. Great use of rewards/ discounts offer.

Why use it: Bold fonts, simple background, text-heavy offer email with an emphasis on ‘Bonus Rewards’. This email was sent in the last week of November to get ahead of the competition. Great timing!

This type of email could easily become the first email in your Christmas email campaign.

2. Simple and clear messaging.


Subject line: ‘Tis the season of opportunity! Give a Deki gift voucher this Christmas

Why it works: Completely on brand for Deki. Very simple and gets the point across well. Clear singular call to action (CTA).

Why use it: If simplicity is your thing then this is by far the best email execution for a simple yet effective email. A creative subject line with the intelligent use of a simple Christmas tree .gif animation to get the visual attention of your customers.


3.  Christmas Fashion and featured products.


Subject line: More 1 of 12 Own the festive season with top brand clothing

Why it works: Beautiful layout, clear and tidy, but also colourful and ‘Christmassy’.

Why use it: If you offer multiple products, then this style of email is perfect for you. Provide your readers with a product showcase via email. The header looks like a website menu, followed by big visible fonts stating discounts and a sassy banner image. Pay close attention to the copywriting in the email and the bold vibrant ‘Christmassy’ colours used as a background in the images.

The ‘Shop Now’ CTA buttons stand out, and there are easy social media share buttons at the bottom of the email. Make sure to use the following terms used in this email to stand out from your competitors. Make it easy for your customers to find information like this:

  • Free delivery
  • Click and collect
  • Free returns
  • Store finders
  • Gift cards
  • Contact us
  • Need help?

4. Christmas wishes for both external and internal communications.


Subject line: ?Jingle bells, jingle bells

Why it works: Beautiful Christmas email with a Christmas wish to customers.

Why use it: A simple ‘Merry Christmas’ email can be easily automated with an email solutions provider. This can be used for both internal and external communications.

Vision6 provides easy to edit Christmas email templates to save you time and energy. Schedule these emails for internal comms, clients, suppliers or segment your lists with advanced search and send personalised wishes to your customer database.

5. Fancy a video in your emails?


Subject line: Hello Smiles Davis, we just wanted to say…

Why it works: Great use of visual hierarchy, use of HTML5 video with great fall back for other clients. Clean, clear layout.

Why use it: This is an advanced email strategy and would need an HTML5 video produced. The example above is a hybrid between example 2 and 3 mentioned earlier but with a video on top instead of a primary image banner.

If you don’t have access to a designer who can produce HTML5 video, then here is a handy hint. Simply use a snapshot image of your video, add a visual cue like a triangular ‘Play’ button, and link the image to your video. It will provide the same effect as a video, however, they’ll be directed out of the email to the video every time the image is clicked.

For more information on subject line ideas, free Christmas email templates, re-marketing strategies other great Christmas marketing ideas, please check out the Vision6 ultimate guide to Christmas marketing email campaigns.

Final Thoughts

With huge sales predicted during the Christmas season, there’s huge potential for businesses to make money. In order to stand out in the inbox, you need to have a game plan which starts with how you present your Christmas offers and messaging.

Start early with a bold and beautiful big discount email, followed by a product or service feature email. Depending on your brand and industry you could either keep your design simple or go for the more visually interesting .gif animation elements. If you’re really feeling adventurous then try incorporating video. But be aware, that might require some help from video producers or graphic designers.

The overall design and copy of your email matters so keep it to the point and get your Christmas messaging right. Learn more about the nuts and bolts of successful Christmas Campaigns here. Or if you want to learn how to Boost Your Holiday Campaigns with SMS, check out our whitepaper.

Start your free trial today or login to your existing account and discover the Christmas themed templates and stock images when you create your next Christmas email campaign.

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