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    Vision6 + Facebook Remarketing

    Grow your audience with Vision6 + Facebook

    Find more of your most valuable customers

    Get more from your customer lists with the Vision6 + Facebook integration. Target lookalike audiences and save up to 40% by excluding existing customers.

    Connect with potential
    customers & drive sales

    How does it work?

    The Vision6 + Facebook integration syncs your customer lists in real time, allowing you to build a lookalike audience based on the demographic and behaviour of your customer list. By targeting the lookalike audience and excluding your customer list, your ad spend is 100% focused on potential new customers.

    • Sync

      Sync customer list with Facebook

    • Build

      Build lookalike custom audiences

    • Ad

      Target ads to drive website traffic

    • Win

      New customer makes purchase

    Keep all your marketing channels talking

    Sync your lists from Eventbrite, Xero, and SalesForce and grow your business with advanced email and SMS marketing automation.

    With Vision6 integrations, you can create multi-channel campaigns that allow you to:


    Create form on website - capture prospects for your next event


    Email campaign for event details + Early Bird offer


    Remarketing ads for Early Bird offer get served via Facebook


    Prospects sign up via Eventbrite for your event


    Email automation keeps guests informed about venue, parking, event reminders


    SMS automation on the day of event keep guests in the loop around lunch times and session details

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