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5 Examples of Great Anniversary Emails

So how long have you two been together for? Oh you’re coming up to your first-purchase anniversary? How exciting! Surely you’ve got something special planned. Right? …Right?  

Don’t be like the others who stop putting in the effort once the chase is over. Just because they’ve converted, doesn’t mean they’ve committed. Here’s one way you can use emails to help turn a one-buy stand into a meaningful, long term relationship:

Celebrate the Anniversaries!

Purchase or sign-up anniversaries are a great excuse to re-engage your customers, and really can go a long way to building loyalty and advocacy. Not to mention the fact they’re also a great driver for repeat purchases. With the right tool, automated and personalised anniversary emails aren’t all that hard to set up. And to make things even easier, we’ve pooled together some great examples of anniversary emails to help you become a regular repeat-purchase Romeo in no time!

Keep it Simple.


Everybody loves receiving gifts! It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant. It’s the thought that counts after all. Or in ASOS’s case, not really having to think too much at all. They keep their anniversary email messaging nice and simple with this one – we know how long it’s been, what the offer is, and how to claim it. A compliment goes a long way too!

Make it Special.

Anniversary Emails Example Paula's Choice

Paula’s Choice combines a discount code and free shipping offer to really treat their customers on their special day. If it fits your brand, take the celebration all the way through to the design and imagery itself, and of course, to the messaging paragraph. 

Using personal phrases like “your first purchase”, “offer just for you”, or in the case above “a special treat just for you”, exemplifies just how important the reader is to your business, how significant the occasion is, and all around just makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Remember the Good Times.

Anniversary Emails Example - lumosity

Lumosity gets nice and personal with a prompt for the reader to reflect on their time together. The invitation to “take a second to think of what you’ve learned” is highly relevant to the product, and reminds the reader of the very reason why they signed up in the first place. This is a really clever question to ask here, as either the reader has achieved their goals and sees value in the product, and might take the discount offer to continue the benefits, or they haven’t achieved the goals they had set 1 year ago and might be reinvigorated and take the offer to start working toward those goals.

Communication is Key.

Anniversary Emails Example - PlayStation

Just because it’s your anniversary, doesn’t mean you have to give a gift. Playstation takes this opportunity to ask their customers what they think and for some input into ways they can improve. An anniversary is a great time to gather survey responses or reviews from loyal customers – communication is key to a strong relationship!

Keep your Anniversary Emails Sincere.Anniversary emails example - Menulog

Sometimes just some kind words of appreciation are enough. Menulog keeps their messaging simple, yet sincere in their anniversary emails. Making sure to use their playful, on-brand tone of voice, Menulog commemorates the date and invites the reader to celebrate with a tasty meal of course!

So much time, effort and resources are spent just to get to that coveted conversion. Not just on your end but the customer often goes through a pretty lengthy consideration process before taking the plunge as well. The relationship between brand and customer is a special thing, so why not celebrate it?

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