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Top 5 Free Holiday Newsletter Templates

It’s that time in every marketer’s calendar where they start thinking about their holiday messages. It’s a great time of year to reach out to your customers as they’re getting into the holiday spirit and are more receptive to these types of message. For our own campaigns, we’ve noticed that our ‘seasonal wishes’ emails receive a 58% increase in open rates than our usual newsletters.

Having a great sale that you want your customers to know about? Letting your clients know about your office closure period? Or perhaps you are sending an internal Happy Holidays message to your staff? Whatever the job is that you need to do, we have a range of email newsletter templates to get you there.

Here are our top 5 free holiday newsletter templates for 2017.

Contemporary Templates

Great for eCommerce, this contemporary design packs a lot of punch. By keeping the message simple and direct, you can drive traffic to your site with bold imagery and text highlighting your holiday sales across multiple departments.

Traditional Templates

For something with a little more traditional, you may enjoy this festive template. Once again, keeping the message simple and leading with a sale or promotion will boost traffic to your website.

Here’s another traditionally “Christmas” template but with a bit of movement to keep things interesting. You’re free to add as much copy as you like and direct recipients back to your site using menu items.

For most people, the holidays are about food, family and friends. Perfect for businesses that are passionate about wining and dining, you can share your products ready for order or booking information if you have Christmas events on in-store.

Office Hours Template

Need an out-of-office message with a little more personality? Check out this Happy Holidays message that allows you to communicate a little more than just your office hours. And as an added bonus, it’s eye-catching enough to encourage recipients back to your website to learn more about you.

To access these templates and more, just login to your account, create a new message and select a Template from the drop down menu. Not a current user of Vision6? You can sign up for an obligation-free trial to check out the platform and send your holiday message today.

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