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How HipKids increased sales by 15% with 3 easy steps using email marketing – Case Study

Email Marketing Case Study: In 2007 husband and wife David and Sue Bennardo saw a gap in the market for unique, safe and beautifully made toys for kids.

So they created HipKids and have been providing funky furniture, toys and homewares for young children ever since.

But like many other online businesses, David and Sue face their fair share of challenges. The biggest challenge of all? Increasing sales.

So they decided to use email marketing, welcome emails in particular, as a way to engage customers and increase sales.

Here’s how they do it in 3 easy steps.

1. Use web forms to get more subscribers

Growing your email list is something most email marketers want to do and there are a couple of different ways to go about it.

HipKids take the approach of offering something of value for customers who sign up to receive their newsletter via a web form.

Basically, anyone who signs up receives a $15 voucher for their next purchase.

Using incentives is a proven tactic to get more subscribers. This coupled with the signup form being a prominent feature on their website has so far led to a 400% increase in newsletter subscribers since they started using Vision6 for email marketing in 2010.

HipKids Website

2. Automate emails to save time

A challenge many small business face is time, or lack thereof. And this is where HipKids truly take advantage of one of the many benefits email marketing has to offer.

Using automation HipKids subscribers automatically receive the discount voucher as soon as they sign up. This means the HipKids brand is still top of mind when they receive their first email.

Best of all though, it’s all done without any manual actions from the team. It doesn’t take up any precious time and there is no risk of human error.

Here’s what David has to say about the process:

Quotes The automation tools save the team countless hours. With our autoresponders in place we can feel confident that when someone signs up on the website they are going to receive the discount voucher. We literally set it up and then let it do its job.

3. Increase sales with welcome emails

The big question is what does all this mean for the business? Well, firstly to date the automated coupon emails have an open rate of almost 70%.

But what’s even more important is that these emails have proven to effectively increase sales by 15%.

Welcome Email

David’s a big fan of the welcome email:

Quotes When people instantly receive the welcome email in many cases they head straight on over to the website to make a purchase and use the coupon. Not only is this boosting the number of people signing up for our newsletter but it’s having a direct impact on our bottom line.

Email marketing works for HipKids

In a nutshell, HipKids have increased their customer subscribers thanks to an incentive-based web form and have increased sales thanks to an automated welcome email.

Next up they’re planning on conducting email tests to further optimise their email design and increase conversions.

If you’d like to grow your email list and increase sales start free with Vision6 today.

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