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6 Ways To Grow Your Email Marketing List That Actually Work

Your email marketing lists will experience a natural decay overtime. People will unsubscribe or emails will become inactive. It’s disheartening, but it’s an unavoidable part of direct email marketing.

No matter whether you’re building your lists from scratch or trying to grow your existing lists, there is a basic formula that will help you generate subscribers. No one wants to give away their email address for nothing, so you need to have an incentive or convincing reason for them to hand over their information.

The formula follows: Valuable incentive + simple way to subscribe = growing email list. 

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t purchase an email marketing list. Not only will you get little in return from these lists, but you can harm your sender reputation and risk breaching ACMA’s Spam Act laws

Here’s 6 ways to use this basic method to grow your email lists.

Utilise your blog

Your blog page is responsible for drawing a large number of new users to your site. It’s in your interest to make sure your subscribe button is in plain sight. By sharing relevant, helpful information to your audience, you are showing them your value, building interest, and hopefully encouraging visitors to engage with your brand.

Think about adding a newsletter subscription form as a feature box on your blog homepage, at the bottom of your blog posts, in a scrolling header bar, or as a CTA within your blogs. You can also use your blog to spark interest around a topic and then offer bonus information or more in-depth tips when people sign up to your mailing list. 

Use website forms

There are endless opportunities to capture email sign-ups on your website using forms. There are the usual places, like your ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages, but there are heaps of other locations and types of forms that you can use.

As we’ve touched on, your blog is a great place to include sign-up CTAs. You can also add forms to your other resource pages, in your header or footer, or as a slide-in or pop-up form.

While things like slide in and pop-up forms can be effective, they can also annoy website visitors and interfere with their page experience, and can ultimately lead to higher bounce rates. Instead, a few best practices for your website forms include:

  • Try not to be intrusive or interfere with the user
  • Choose an eye-catching design
  • Place them above the fold
  • Make your messaging engaging and enticing
  • Keep form fields to a minimum so people don’t get deterred

During check-out or signup process

An easy way to grow your email lists is by adding an email signup step at the point of purchase. It’s important that you still get permission to send people marketing communications though; just because someone has purchased from you doesn’t mean they agree to receive email communications from you. If your products or services have a signup process, say you have an app or online software, you can also build in a marketing subscription field in your signup form. 

Offer valuable gated content

Gating content is commonly used for lead generation – in fact, around 80% of B2B content marketing assets are gated. Offering valuable content, whether it’s an ebook, catalogue, template, webinar, interview, product demonstration, or podcast, helps establish your brand as an industry thought leader. 

While it’s still an effective strategy, the pros and cons of gated content have been long disputed amongst content marketers. The key is to avoid hiding all of your content behind a form, instead be selective and targeted with your content and make the trade-off for subscribers worthwhile.

Create content for different segments, make sure it’s of high quality and helps to nurture them through the conversion journey. More importantly,

think about the landing page where your gated content lives. This is where users will make the decision to download your content and sign up to your email marketing list, so it’s important to lead with a strong headline, convincing reasons for accessing the content, and a simple, seamless form. 

Use discounts and offers

In the same way that offers and discounts easily appeal, providing your audience with early access to exclusive deals or information is a great way to build marketing lists.

It could be early access to event tickets, eCommerce sales, reports or industry findings, or even to new software features. Giving people access to things that appear exclusive and limited will tap into our natural responses to scarcity marketing. 

Not only is it effective in growing your lists, but it’s a great way to keep costs down and still provide valuable incentives. You can promote the offer on your website, through your social media accounts, through partnerships, or even at events or conferences. 

Looking for more ways to grow and manage your email lists? Take a look at our blog: How to Grow and Manage Your Email List: Best Practices to Follow.

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