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4 Tips for a Successful Omnichannel Workflow

It’s a long-held rule of marketing that a prospect needs to hear a message at least seven times before they’ll take action. Our modern lifestyles, including social media, have some experts pushing that number up near 20. So how do you do that without becoming redundant and repetitive? (See what I did there?)

Embracing an omnichannel workflow can help you capture your audience’s attention and help them reach the point of action. 

Luckily, we have Smartcomm, experts in omnichannel communication and Vision6 agency partner, to help us out with their four tips for creating successful omnichannel workflows.

1. Know the audience

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our customers are real people with personalities and preferences. While everyone will be different, they will likely have a lot in common. 

Understanding these similarities makes it much easier for you to make decisions about the tone of voice you will use, where to advertise, any roadblocks they may face and much more.

If it’s an option, surveying past purchasers is a great way to get a deeper understanding of motivations, time frames and decision-making methods.

2. Understand the customer journey

Start by mapping the steps your customer will take, considering the motivation behind each action. Then create touchpoints for each step that will provide value to your customer and guide them through the process.

Don’t forget to take into account the channel that will work best for each touchpoint, one may work perfectly for a particular point but not so well at another point.

3. Test, test, test

To make sure the workflow is the best it can be, test. Test the effectiveness of each channel to make sure it is the correct one for that point in the journey. Test the campaign as a whole. 

Then optimise your campaign by making corrections where needed. 

4. Be consistent

Consistent messaging and design elements are going to make it easier for your potential customers to put one and one together and get you. It will help build a sense of familiarity and a relationship with your brand.

Need Help?

There you have it. Four great steps for creating a successful omnichannel workflow. If the thought of managing all of those channels is giving you nightmares a multichannel communication specialist like Smartcomm can help you deliver engaging customer connections.

They have a range of omnichannel solutions that can be mixed and matched to suit your business needs and the needs of your customers. 

Smartcomm will partner with you to design an optimal channel journey and solve your customer engagement challenges across digital, print and mail.

We had a chat with Smartcomm to find out how Vision6 fit into their workflows.

Transcript of Video Name of Person, Title, and Business Name: Glen Noyce, General Manager, Smartcomm Tell me a little bit about the company & what you do: Smartcomm has been around now for just over 13 years, whereby we provide omnichannel communications for our clients to help them connect with their customers. An example of that would be using a DM (Direct Mail) piece going through to an SMS or an email, utilizing the Vision6 platform where we can actually bring real value. How/where does Vision6 fit into your customer journey and service offerings: Here at Smartcomm within our ecosystem, the Vision6 platform is one of a couple but it is the most utilized platform when it comes to our digital side, with emailing particularly because we’ve been engaged with Vision6 for just over 10 years so its a really important piece of the cog (if you like) and that’s how we explain that to our customers as well, because it’s not so much about the platform, but about the solution in which the Vision6 platform provides us. What do you like best about Vision6: For both ourselves and our customers, it’s the useability, being able to have the fact that it’s a GUI (graphical user interface), the support from the Vision6 side of things when it comes to data management, templates, everything like that including reporting, makes it so much easier to use, and that’s what gives us a little bit of differentially when it comes to taking different solutions to our customers.

A big thank you to Smartcomm for sharing their expertise with us. Now take these tips and get your message out there, and there, and there!

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