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11 Ways to Use Video in Your Emails

We all know that videos produce high engagement, but did you know that including a video in your email can lead to a 300% increase in click-through rates, according to Wistia. Also, using the word “video” in your subject line can increase open rates by 19%!

Plus, it’s even easier to get videos into your emails with the Vision6 video component. It’s a one-step workflow – simply add the link. The thumbnail and play button are automatically included and you can edit them if you wish.

The tough part is coming up with the content – but that’s why we’ve put together 11 ways you can use video in your email marketing.

1. Remodel Your Blog Articles

Leverage your more successful blog articles by turning them into a new format that will appeal to a whole new audience. Those who don’t click on your links to read your articles might watch a video about the same content.

Change up your newsletter by including a mix of video and written content. Just make sure you’re keeping an eye on the results to see what your audience prefers.

Below is an example of a blog article we’ve done as a video in the past and the blog it relates to.

2. Visual Sells Visual

Got a webinar, event or training course coming up? Show people what they can expect to get them really excited and ready to sign up.

Show a video of the list of takeaways they can expect from the event, or give them a small snippet of the information to whet their appetite and include it in the invitation email.

3. Send out Teasers

Build excitement about the launch of a new product with video. Create a nurture campaign where each email contains a teaser video, showing just a little of the product each time until you reveal the entire product.

Or show time-release footage of how the product was made, or have the product development manager talking about the inspiration for creating the product. Then include the video in your product announcement email.

4. Plain ol’ Advertising

If you’ve got a video ad, share it with your potential customers so they can see what they’re missing. You could include this in your newsletters, or as part of a drip campaign that is nurturing them along their customer journey.

5. Tell Customers How it’s Done

Got a detailed product or system? Pop an instructional video in your purchase confirmation or free trial confirmation email to help new customers get started. It will also help build your relationship, proving you a trusted partner and provide a resource that they can return to again and again.

6. Staff Onboarding or Internal Comms

Save time and increase the chance of your messages getting across by including a video in your staff communications emails. Or make staff onboarding faster and easier with videos in introductory emails.

7. Branding

What better way to humanise your brand than by showing your staff and what your company cares about? Including this type of video in your welcome email series can help potential customers understand who you are and give prospective staff an indication if they’ll fit in.

Here’s a video we created from our Hack Day that gives potential customers and staff an idea of how we roll.

8. Throwback Thursday

Been in business for a while? Why not show how things used to be done, way back, and how much easier things are now. It makes a nice editorial piece for your newsletter and gives you an avenue to promote current features of your product. Or use it in your new features announcement email.

9. Show Your Disappointment in an Abandoned Cart

If it fits with your brand, why not make a funny video of your staff getting excited, and then disappointed about an abandoned online shopping cart and include it in your abandoned cart email. This might get your customers laughing all the way back to your checkout.

10. Customer Feedback

Do your customers say great things about you? Get it on video and share it in your emails. Seeing happy faces of satisfied customers is much more believable.This could be shared as part of a customer journey campaign, or when people sign up for a free trial. 

This video shows some of our smiling, happy customers. 🙂 

11. Share the Season

Share your company personality and build your customer relationship with a warm and fuzzy by getting your staff together to record a special holiday message video. Whether you’re wishing your customers a Blessed Easter, Happy Hanukkah or amazing deals for Black Friday, a video will make your holiday email stand out.

There you go. 11 ideas on how you can use videos in your email marketing. Now get out there and email some videos!

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