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Using email to create urgency and drive sales for EOFYS

So the end of the financial year is fast approaching. You’re definitely going to be seeing an EOFYS  marketing campaign plastered across all of your screens from almost every brand. And just to be thorough, EOFYS stands for “End of Financial Year Sale”.

An EOFYS marketing campaign is all about creating urgency with the goal of clearing as much stock as possible. That’s probably the standard goal for marketing campaigns, but this has the added intention of making the coming stocktake easier. Email marketing is perfect for an EOFYS marketing campaign as it is a proven platform that can help create urgency and drive sales.

So how can you create a sense of urgency and drive action from your own EOFYS emails?

Look at your language

EOFYS in its very nature is all about beating the June 30 deadline. Don’t be shy about letting your customers know that they only have a limited time. Get creative with your language and your subject lines. Can you incorporate common words that express urgency?

  • Limited time offers
  • Last chance
  • Hurry
  • Don’t miss out
  • Don’t wait
  • Reduced to clear

In this example below Kogan have been very explicit with their urgent language in both the subject line and the email itself.

Subject: Amazing Tax Time Bargains! Hurry, Ends Soon!

Kogan email example 1

Now, be careful not to stuff too many urgency creating words into your subject line or email. The words you use in your emails could increase the chances of it being marked as spam. Check out this list of 100 common spam trigger words before your next send.

Time to stock up

A key theme on the B2B side of things is that the EOFY means closing out your budgets and planning for the next year.

In many industries budgets are based on the previous year’s costs. This means that some decision makers try spend any unused budget in the last couple of months of the financial year. With this in mind, take advantage of any unused budgets and prompt your clients to stock up.

In this example Vistaprint urge their customers to ‘stock up and save’ in their EOFYS marketing campaign.

Vistaprint EOFYS Marketing Campaign Example

Another opportunity could arise by looking at your clients’ purchase history around the EOFY. Is there something that they usually purchase from you every year at this time? If so, a reminder email campaign might be in order.

Make an offer they can’t refuse

Adding urgency won’t work if your offer doesn’t cut it. Consumers are also getting more savvy and can easily shop around for the best deal, so do your homework.

It’s hard to suppress your curiosity with this email from Kogan showing EOFYS deals from $1.

Kogan EOFYS Marketing Campaign Example

This next example from Oaks Hotels and Resorts gets right to the point. They make sure their great EOFY low rates are front and centre.

Oaks Hotels & Resorts EOFYS Marketing Campaign Example

Sweeten the deal

Some people need more than just a deadline to get them to hit the gas pedal. So it can be a good idea to sweeten the deal with a little something extra.

This example below from Wotif throws in a bonus $50 voucher on top of their end of financial yeeeha sale.

Wotif EOFYS Marketing Campaign Example

Make the most of this opportunity and look at your own lists and the different ways you too can use an EOFYS marketing campaign to create urgency and drive sales. It’s a great way to maximise the profit potential of your existing database.

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