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The best in GDPR marketing

We’ve really been enjoying the last few weeks of the GDPR frenzy. It’s not every day that different businesses all around the world are required to send the same message and it’s been interesting to see how they each choose to package it.

So for a bit of fun (and to be mildly educational), we thought we’d round up the best in GDPR marketing we’ve seen so far.  


Starting with an educational example – AppSumo kept it super simple. The balance between playful and informative is right for their audience and they’ve met the requirements of GDPR without hassling too much.    

The team at spiced up their mandatory update email with a bit of humour and made sure they provided an equal amount of content their audience is actually interested in.

The music industry dominated the Privacy Policy email space, doing the bare minimum to meet GDPR requirements and making it as entertaining as possible.

Recording studio, Fascination Street, send this email with the subject line “Our first (and last?) newsletter.” The leading message is about their new online store, knowing their audience would be more interested in that than data protection law.

While many of us kept our Privacy Policy emails as professional as possible, music label Joyful Noise went all out. It’s amusing and completely on brand for them so they can get away with it – we blocked out the naughty words, though.

Comic website,, had fun with their Privacy Policy update. Any lawyer reading this legal document full of sarcasm would probably have a heart attack, but it’s certainly entertaining for the rest of us.

In between emails and website pop-ups, it seemed we couldn’t get away from GDPR-related updates.

But for those who can’t get enough, PopJustice released a GDPR Spotify playlist with all the relevant titles.

Live in Queensland? You still have a chance to wrap your car in GDPR goodness with these personalised plates.


And what did we do at Vision6, you ask? Here is our Privacy Policy email. We avoided the swear words and sarcasm for this one. 

Have you seen any great GDPR marketing? Let us know in the comments below.

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