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Email Template Designs to Inspire Your Next Campaign

It can be hard to craft the perfect email and also make it look great. Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration. We love good email design (it’s kinda part of our job). We know that it can make the difference between a successful email campaign and one that falls flat.

If you’re struggling, check out these email template design inspirations to help you create better emails. We’ll explain the must-have features of different types of emails, highlight some great examples for inspo, and explain what they did right. 

Let’s get into it.

Announcement Email Inspiration

Announcement emails are perfect for sharing exciting news and updates like a product launch, store opening, an upcoming event, or even job openings. When you have something worth sharing with your subscribers, an announcement email is the perfect way to keep them informed and share the excitement. While images aren’t a necessity, these types of emails help to pique interest and tease subscribers with what’s to come.

Key features to include:

  • Attention-grabbing subject line
  • Clear headings explaining what the email is about
  • Communication of how the announcement benefits subscribers
  • A description of the product, service, or upcoming event
  • And a desired call to action

DESIGN Inspiration

Announcement Email for the Gold Coast Marathon


This email promoting the Gold Coast Marathon clearly communicates the main message from the get-go. This email keeps all the important details like, date, location and a clear call to action above the fold. The hero image helps reinforce the fun and energetic feel that will appeal to their subscribers. 

E-commerce Email Inspiration

E-commerce emails can be used to drive product sales or share order information with subscribers. Integrating your e-commerce functionality with your email marketing software means you can automate your transactional communications. This will save you time and allow you to send the right emails at the right time, which is particularly important for order or sale information.

Key features to include:

  • Personalise the email to the customer or order
  • Include key product information or a compelling features section
  • Have a clear transactional call to action
  • Include direct contact information or login details so they can access more information about the product or order

Design Inspiration

Why we love it:

Abandoned cart emails help recover lost revenue by reminding customers to take the final step in their purchase. This Food52 email uses a sense of urgency to get customers attention, as well as incentives to encourage them to convert. The simple and sleek design is visually appealing and makes it look like a professional email, rather than an automated one.

Newsletter Email Inspiration

Newsletters serve the main purpose of nurturing your quality leads back to your doorstep. While these emails aren’t restricted to a certain format they tend to be loaded with copy, so it’s important to make sure your content is snackable. As a general rule, you should be adopting the 90/10 rule: keep your content 90% educational, 10% promotional. 

Instead of using your newsletters as a sales pitch, reserve them for value-add content. This includes any blog articles, how-to guides, case studies, testimonials, webinars, industry news – virtually anything that you think will cement the value of your newsletter in the mind of your subscribers. 

Key features to include:

  • Share valuable content that will appeal to your subscribers
  • Personalise your emails for better open and engagement rates
  • Keep the content in-line with brand voice and style
  • Include a call to action that will help you reach newsletter goals

Design Inspiration

Why we love it:

This is a perfect example of how you can use your email newsletters as an inbound marketing strategy. Instead of bombarding their subscribers with promo, Harry’s uses their newsletter to give their readers an instructional how-to blog that helps assert their authority as a premium male grooming brand. 

Promotion Email Inspiration

Promotional emails help to drive specific actions for a business, like downloads, subscriptions, or purchases. Promoting discounts, free shipping, competitions or giveaways are great incentives that will help drive more conversions and boost revenue. Specifying that your offer is available for a limited time also helps to create urgency and encourage your subscribers to take a desired action.

Key features to include:

  • Large and clear promotional information at the top of the email
  • Enticing imagery of the product or service being promoted
  • A main message and call to action
  • Reference to any terms and conditions of the promotion

DESIGN INspiration

Promotional Email Design Inspiration by Dior
Promotional Email Content by Dior

Why we love it:

Dior’s email is beautifully simple. Its clean design and colour palette are on-brand and immediately recognisable. The GIF at the top of the email immediately catches the readers attention and help draw the reader’s eyes down to the all-important CTA button.

Events Email Inspiration

If you’ve got an upcoming event, email is one of the best ways to communicate with your prospective attendees. 40% of marketers think email marketing is the most effective channel for event promotion. You can use emails to announce the event, sell tickets, share event details, remind attendees about the event, and create follow up emails after the event.

Key features to include:

  • Make it clear how to register or buy event tickets
  • Highlight the main drawcards of the event
  • Keep imagery and branding consistent with the event collateral
  • Link to where attendees can learn more about the event


Events Email Inspiration by The Peak Partnership

Why we love it:

Brand recognition will entice interested people and make the event instantly appealing. The Peak Partnership’s event email starts with key draw cards, highlighting the movie title and image. The event information follows on from the title, including clear action options for readers which helps simplify the engagement process. 


Hopefully, these examples have helped get your creative juices flowing and have given you plenty of email template design ideas. Once you have the perfect email templates, creating your email campaign will be a breeze. If you want to dive deeper into email design best practices, read our guide Everything You Need to Know About Email Design (With Examples)

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