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6 Things You Didn’t Know Agencies Can Do in Vision6

This morning I watched a video on all the things you can do with a vegetable peeler. Did you know you can use it both ways, up and down? You can also cut your own french fries with it. Amazing! But this isn’t a blog about the wonders of potato peelers. 

Your Vision6 email marketing software for an agency account comes with some super powerful tools that you might not be making the most of. So let’s unpack the six things you didn’t know agencies can do in Vision6. 

1. You get a free Pro-Marketing Account

You heard me! When you sign up as a reseller and have more than 500 contacts you’re given a free, full-featured Pro-Marketer email marketing software account. Run your email marketing from this account for free, while you earn more and add value to your clients with a great email marketing platform as part of your offering.

This account is also where you’ll receive an early release of some features to try them out before your clients get them. Your free email marketing account is also a great place to use as your sandbox for testing ideas before you pitch them.

2. Usage Overview Tool

You can keep an eye on your clients and their email and SMS marketing with the Delivery Monitor feature. See all of the accounts (called sub-accounts) that have been created under your account to check on their designs and email and SMS reports. 

By regularly checking on your clients’ email campaign success you have the opportunity to provide recommendations on changes they could make for better results in the future, or provide them with specially designed templates. Think of the upsell opportunities or the additional client value (and loyalty!) you’ll be providing.

Keep an eye on your clients' email and SMS marketing.

3. Make it your own

Customise your Vision6 dashboard with your own unique Agency branding, so there will be no mention of Vision6. Make the product completely your own with your logo, branding and colours using the tools under Account Settings / Branding. We can even create a branded URL for you. On top of that, get access to a regularly updated help centre that is branded with your details.

4. Free sign up on your website

No need to send your potential clients off on a wild goose chase to access their free trial of Vision6. You have the HTML code to put the free sign up form on your website.

This means they won’t be leaving your site and you’ll receive all of their data directly. Plus we can customise the form to suit your branding so it will blend seamlessly with your website design.

Put the trial sign up on your own website.

5. Create & share templates

You have the power! The email template power. Build email templates in your account, then select which accounts can access them.

Use this feature to custom design templates for your premium clients bringing them extra value. Or add to your revenue with one-time-purchase template packages, like event campaigns, holiday template bundle or welcome email series.

6. Add value beyond email

Vision6 integrates with Google Ads and Facebook, so you can remarket to your clients’ potential or existing customers wherever they are. Use email lists to find Lookalike Audiences in Facebook or Similar Audiences in Google Ads and reach a whole new audience for your clients. Or use the email lists to exclude existing customers from Google advertising.

This can save your clients heaps in advertising costs, meaning you’ve got more to spend on finding the right people. They’re going to love you for it and you can do it all without sharing the data! Email list details are sent in a “hash” so individual information can’t be identified.

Now we both know six more ways that Vision6 agency accounts help you bring value to your clients and a little extra to your bottom line.

New to Vision6? Create your free, fully-featured trial agency account and see for yourself!

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