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Benchmark Your Email Stats

Compare how your campaigns are doing with the average unique open rate, click rate and other email stats in the 2020 Email Marketing Metrics Report.

The email stats are in from our latest Email Marketing Metrics Report and WOW! What a six months it has been! When we were planning for this year, who could have predicted that we’d all end up confined to our homes for months? Or the impact that would have on our businesses? Not me, that’s for sure! 

There’s no way I could have predicted the results it’s had on the email stats either. For example, Healthcare & Medical click-through rates (CTR) moved above the average in March but surprisingly were below it for April, May and June.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re marketing is tip-top at all times – you never know when anything could change without notice or which best practices will make a difference to your results.

Let’s have a look at the email metrics to see the best areas to be putting our effort.

#1. Email Stats Say “No More Manic Mondays!”

Since our last metrics report, Monday is no longer the day with the highest open and CTR.

That’s why you need to be monitoring your results to make sure what you’re doing works for your readers. This article has a great table for collating your results of your own best open and CTR overtime for when you’re doing your testing.

For the record, Friday is the day with both the highest average opens (40.73%) and CTR (7.7%).

According to the email metrics, Friday is the day with the highest opens and clicks.

#2. Responsive or Redundant

We’ve seen more people reading their emails on mobile (up 2.72%) and less on desktop (down 2.9%) in March. When you consider that 42% of readers will delete your email if it doesn’t show well on mobile it’s a matter of responsive or not at all.

The templates in Vision6, as well as any emails created with the drag-and-drop editor, are responsive. If you’re coding your own emails or want to double-check, test your emails before you send.

Email Metrics showed mobile opens up in March.

#3. To Click or Not to Click

The industry average CTR has jumped to 7.82% in April and has hovered around that rate for May and June. This is up from the 2019 year average of 6.27%. However, this hasn’t been the case for all industries. Banking & Financial Services have seen a steady decline in CTR since January and the Call Centre/Customer Service industry saw a spike in May with their CTR at 45.1%!

The best way to increase your CTR is to make sure that your content is highly relevant. What is relevant to your readers is going to change, so make sure you’re paying attention to the environment and what you readers are responding to. This article talks about reviewing the current climate and finding where you fit.

Click-through rates jumped in April.

#4. You’re Rubber & I’m Glue

On average, bounce rates are seeing a steady decline since February. But just like CTRs, we’re seeing wild differences across industries. Accounting and Advertising/Media/Entertainment have higher than average bounce rates but Call Centre/Customer Service bounce rates dropped to 0% in April!

While we can’t control what’s happening in the current climate, we should make sure we’re in the best position to respond. 

You can do that by keeping your lists clean and up-to-date. Up-to-date lists will improve your stats but also will prevent you from unintentionally hurting your email deliverability with large bounce rates.

Call centre/customer service bounce rates were 0% in April!

#5. Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut

In our last report, Thursday was the most popular day to send, and it is again! But as we mentioned already it’s not the day with the highest opens or clicks. This means that your emails might not be doing as well as they could be!

Don’t just do what you’ve always done, make sure you’re reviewing your reports regularly to see what is landing with your customers and what isn’t and then adapting your campaigns.

It’s been a wild ride but by keeping our marketing in tip-top shape we’ll be in a better position when we reach the other side!
Feel free to share and link to the Email Marketing Metrics Report if you wish to use it.

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