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Eight Eggcellent Easter Email Examples

Easter is a lovely time to take stock of the year so far, spend time with family and as with many seasonal events it provides a great opportunity to email your customers.

Let’s dive right in with 8 ways you can include an engaging Easter email into your marketing mix.

1. Give your customers an Easter treat

Tying your sales and promotions to a seasonal event is a really clever way to boost your email campaign’s relevancy. Here is an example from Oriental Trading who offer free shipping and further discounts to celebrate Easter.

Free shipping

2. Use imagery to enhance your email

The long weekend over Easter is the perfect time to getaway for a mini break. TFE Hotels make the most of this opportunity by offering an Easter sale. And in doing so they use relevant and engaging imagery to help tell their story.


3. Make your customers smile

Using humour is a fantastic way to engage your customers. And one company that nails this every time is JibJab. They use clever puns and funny images to draw their readers in.


Wondering what JibJab is all about? Here’s one the Vision6 Marketing Team prepared earlier 😉

4. Be clever with your subject line

You might be thinking that your products or services don’t particularly lend themselves to Easter promotions. If that’s the case make use of a clever subject line to add timeliness to your email campaign. Here’s a great example from Vintage Cellars.

 “Easter treats better than chocolate | 1 Litre Spirits – 2 for $88”

5. Play on words

If ever there is a seasonal occasion to jump on the pun wagon, Easter is it! Here’s an example from EB Games making use of EGGstra relevant words to boost their email.

EB Games

6. Help your customer’s decide what to buy loved ones for Easter

If your products lend themselves to the Easter spirit then don’t hesitate to suggest them as gifts for your customers. Harry & David do this particularly well with their dedicated Easter Range.

Harry & David

7. Create valuable Easter themed content

If you can target your content to suit the Easter holiday then it’s a great way to provide valuable information to your customers. This is an excellent example from Huggies.


8. Email Easter event invitations

If your business holds events email can be a really effective way to manage the promotion and RSVPs for the event. Master’s Hand use email as a way to notify subscribers about events, in this instance a family Easter egg hunt.

Easter egg hunt

So there you have it, 8 ways to incorporate Easter into your email marketing. We’ve also released some fancy new Easter themed templates to make it easy to get cracking. So what are you waiting for? Hop to it 😉

Kelly Newbery

Posted by:
Kelly Newbery
Marketing Specialist

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