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5 ways to engage your customers for Mother’s Day using email

If you are looking to engage your customers for mother’s day then use emails for some quick wins. Email your customers about an event, offer or promotion you might be running.

Email marketing works best when it’s timely, so aim your campaigns around seasonal events is a really effective way to engage your customers.

Here are 5 different ways to engage your customers for Mother’s Day.

1. Invite customers to a themed event

Mother’s Day is perfect for creating themed events for your customers. Think high teas, charity fundraising events or shopping events. One really clever way to make sure people show up to your event is to give them an incentive like Myer has below.

Example of an event invite

2. Boost sales and hold a competition

What I really love about the example below is that in order to enter, customers must first make a purchase. This encourages people to buy products and entices them with a reward, which can lead to a boost in sales.


Example of a competition email

3. Be useful and provide a gift guide

We’ve all probably received dozens of emails promoting products ‘perfect for Mum’. But what is different about this email is that it doesn’t take a one size fits all approach. By breaking products up into different categories Wayfair are actually helping customers who may be stuck for gift ideas.

Example of a gift buying guide

4. Make your customers smile

Everyone wants to ‘nail it’ when it comes to gift giving and incorporating humour into your emails is one way to engage your customers. This clever little email from Typo not only showcases their products but does so in a way to make readers laugh. After all no one wants to receive a half eaten box of chocolates!

Example of a humorous email

5. Give your customers an offer they can’t resist

I love a good sale and I’m not embarrassed to admit I can be a sucker for discounts. This email promoting 40% off works so well because it’s beautifully designed to showcase the products. Plus they’ve added in a handy guide down the bottom to ensure customers receive their gifts in time.

Example of a good Mother's Day sale

Feeling inspired?

It’s not too late to get an email out to your customers leveraging off this seasonal event. Plus it’s super easy in Vision6 because we’ve released some great looking Mother’s Day email templates. Login to your account to check them out. Not a customer? Start free today!

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