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3 Super Creative Easter Marketing Campaigns

We’ve all had that moment when we suddenly realise the year is a quarter way through and Easter is fast approaching. For some, that moment happens when you’re walking down the aisles of Coles, following the sweet aroma of freshly baked Hot Cross Buns. For me, it’s when my inbox fills up with hundreds of emails from Easter marketing campaigns, with subject lines like ‘Egg-cellent Sales’ and ‘Discounts to make customers hoppy’. Though some emails are more cringe-worthy than others, they all suffer the same fate of spending eternity in my trash folder.

We get it. Coming up with a fire campaign idea is super hard and if it wasn’t, we’d all be on the Fortune 500. So, here are 3 eggs-traordinarily (sorry) creative ideas to inspire your Easter marketing campaigns this season.


1. The Digital Easter Egg Hunt

There’s a reason I charge through my niece’s Easter egg hunts (and win). Easter egg hunts are fun, even for adults. They’re competitive, exciting and you get a delicious reward at the end. This same concept can be applied to your Easter marketing campaigns to increase subscriber engagement and get more people returning to your website.

Banana Republic launched an Easter campaign promoting a literal egg hunt on their website. Each egg discovered and clicked on, took the visitors to a page with a discount code. The promotional email also contained a discount code for visitors who didn’t find an egg. Not only does this kind of activity increase subscriber engagement but visitors are more likely to make purchases on items discovered during the hunt.

Banana Republic Easter Marketing Campaigns

2. Go Viral with User-Generated Content

Easter marketing campaigns aren’t just for selling stuff, they’re also the perfect opportunity to build brand awareness without lifting a finger. A campaign centred on user-generated content can drive traffic to your social media channels, and have your fans do the marketing for you.

In 2014, Mashable created an Easter themed social media campaign that went viral. The concept was simple: let the public create and post a video showing how they decorated their Easter eggs, alongside the tags #CraftyEggs and @mashable.

Mashable then selected the best eggs and uploaded them to their own social media platforms, generating more content with little effort from their marketing team!

Easter Marketing Campaigns - Egg Hunt


3. Get Their Attention With Edible Direct Mail

Fact: if a brand sends me food, they’ve won me for life. I think it’s safe to assume everyone in the world is as easily won over by food as I am. So this next Easter marketing campaign idea is really a no-brainer: edible direct mail.

Ikea launched an edible direct mail campaign that was deliciously on brand. They sent customers a flat-pack chocolate Easter bunny named Vårkänsla. A creative play on their self assembled products, Vårkänsla came in a box complete with instructions on how to build the edible 3D bunny.

Ikea Easter Marketing Campaigns

Direct mail should never be a single touch campaign, no matter how tasty. Incorporating email or SMS will not only keep customers engaged, by help you measure success and ROI.

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