New Features, National Product Review by Media Merchants

New Features, National Product Review by Media Merchants

Crafted by: Media Merchants

What’s this about?

National Product Review (NPR) was established to help consumers make a more informed purchasing decision by producing a range of product information to assist consumers on the journey from research to purchasing appliances online or in-store.

NPR is continually improving upon it’s website, adding and tweaking features weekly – and there had recently come a point that some new features were added near the same time so NPR was keen to announce these new features and reinforce slightly older features to their subscribers to aid them in their purchasing decisions.

The content shown here builds brand equity for NPR and effectively reinforces an updated value proposition – that NPR makes your life even easier now by clearly dividing the features into 4 easily digestible sections. The synopsis of each is concise, to the point, compelling with state of the art GIFs that visually highlight each feature crisply & uniquely — all with an on-brand voice that has been proven to speak to NPR’s audience.