Data driven communications for every need

Marketing Impact delivers data driven communication services designed to help you engage more effectively with your customers across physical and digital channels – it’s a full enterprise scale omni-channel offering which can also work for smaller organisations.

Whether it’s essential communications that occur every month or stand-alone campaigns or projects, ours is an end-to-end service that spans concepts and graphic design to communications creation, software development, production and despatch.

Inherent within our offering is a full, digital journey for clients encompassing…

  • Getting started – operations in-house or out sourced… or both
  • Strategic review – where you’re currently at with your digital engagement, where you want to be… and what prioritising projects which offer the biggest return for the least degree of difficulty
  • From there… implementing and ongoing support for marketing automations
  • Data readiness consultancy – identifying and implementing data projects to ensure you’re ready to establish your own automated customer journeys
  • Integrations and API development.

And our services are approved for use in many of New Zealand’s largest public and private sector organisations.

Established in 1977 as a small mail house and DM agency, we are now the largest integrated physical and digital messaging operation in New Zealand, supporting local and international clients from our Wellington and Auckland offices. There’s never been a more dynamic and exciting time in the broader direct marketing and customer engagement space than today and we believe we’re uniquely ready to create new communications value for your organisation, whatever the size.