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Managing Contacts

Behind every successful e-messaging campaign there's a well-kept database equipped with tools to help you grow. That's why we've created a system to help you cast your net over a wider audience, generate leads and connect easily with the people you already know.

'Send to a friend' forms

If you've got a happy customer (and why wouldn't you), let them spread the word about you by passing on your details. Our 'Send to a friend' form makes this possible. You could even run a 'Send to a friend' promotion.

Update details

Let your clients update their own details via an online Update Profile form. Too easy!

Segment your database

Segment your database into a variety of demographics to send messages that are targeted and relevant. Looking into your database piece by piece will allow you to really hone in and target your campaigns better. You can segment using any field in your database, such as: age, gender or even purchase history.

Special database fields

These are great when you want to capture very specific information. These fields are:
  • Date Field: For a birthday or next appointment.
  • Password Field: secret word or identification number.
  • Country Dropdown: Add a list of countries from around the world.
  • Industry Dropdown: List of common industry types.
  • File Upload: Users can upload a photo or other relevant documents.

Time based communications

Why not make your customers feel warm and fuzzy by sending them a 'Happy Birthday' email. You can do this and send many other time-based messages by using the date field in your database.

Manage unsubscribers

Vision6 automatically adds an unsubscribe link to every email you send so your contacts can easily opt-out from your future communications. You'll also have the option to remove previous unsubscribers when you upload your next contact list.

Multiple lists

To make your life less confusing and save you time, we always recommend using one master list of contacts and segmenting the list from there. However the system will allow for multiple lists to be created if you insist.


Stay organised by setting up different folders to store your lists, databases, messages and images. Just like you do with your computer files

Subscription forms

Using webforms to capture new contacts is one of the easiest ways to increase your customer numbers. You can easily create and customise forms for every occasion including email newsletter subscriptions, product enquiries, event registrations, surveys and even customer profile updates.

Upload, export and save your database

You no longer need to spend days copying information from another source. Our system will bulk upload your contacts in seconds. Upload any CSV, TXT or Tab-delimited file and choose to have duplicates removed and even exclude previous unsubscribers.


Ever wondered what your clients really think about you? Instead of hiring a focus group, let your customers tell you in a survey. Create surveys to help you collect the Information you need. Use it to target your e-messages or gain valuable feedback.

Spam compliance

Operate in a full spam compliant system. We help you comply with spam laws by including automated unsubscribe processes, add contact information into your email and allow you to set up opt-in and double opt-in processes.

Standard database fields

Use database fields to segment your information. With each piece of information that you want to collect, you can decide whether you want to use a dropdown menu, radio buttons (such as yes/no or true/false), comment fields or checkboxes. You can change or add new fields to your database at any time.

Event registrations

Processing event registrations has never been so easy! Create a web form to collect RSVP's and place it on your website or link to it from an email. Use your online form to collect contact details and billing information. Later on you can segment your database to hone in on specific information, such as attendees or no-shows. If your attendance rates are looking low, give numbers a boost by automatically sending a reminder to those who haven't registered yet.

Database cleaning

To stop you from sending your contacts multiple copies of the same message, the system will automatically exclude any duplicates from sends. As a way of keeping your database clean and tidy, our software will also identify and remove any other duplicate contact information.

Email notifications

If you like, we can notify you instantly when someone fills out a subscription form or updates any information on their profile. This way, you'll know when you need to update any other CRM systems that you may use. You'll also be able to monitor any subscriptions, sales enquiries or registrations without having to log onto the system.

Email Design

Over 60 different templates

Over 60 templates have already been created and are ready for you to use. Tailor any template to suit your campaign or create your own, its up to you. Choose from events, newsletters, notifications, surveys, media relations and sales and product enquiry templates.

Personalised content

Add a personal touch to your emails by including information from your contact lists. For example, writing "Hi Jane, Thank you for your purchase" is much more personal than writing "Hi there". You'll get a better response from your campaigns by making it more personal.

Conditional content

Imagine being able to create one email that touches different groups of your contacts. Conditional Content allows you to set rules to display different content within your email. For example, you might like to send one email and only show mens products to men and womens products to women. Conditional Content can do this for you.

Preserve your templates

Always edit from the original template by placing an original copy of your work in the 'My Templates' folder. That way your hard work will go untouched and your template will be there when you create your next email campaign.

File and Image manager

Keep everything you need for your emails in our File and Image Manager. As well as storing your images, videos and documents, the File and Image Manager will also store any CV's, photos or other items that you collect via web forms, and assign them to contacts! You can store up to 50MB for free.

Link to forms

Link to forms, polls and surveys through your emails to collect valuable information.


Sort your email messages into folders so you can identify them easily. Give your folders names, such as, 'sales emails' or 'thank you emails'.

HTML Design

If you've already paid a designer to create a HTML email template just for you, simply upload it into our system. Once uploaded you can still edit it and modify the design. The HTML view is available across all email types including the Drag and Drop templates so you can really create a customised Drag and Drop email if you like.

Pre-populated content

Not sure what to write in your emails? We have pre-populated many of the free templates with example content. Simply select the bits you like and change the bits you don't.

Drag and Drop Wizard

Using the Drag and Drop editor, you can create and edit professional looking email with a simple click, drag and drop. It's the stress free approach to editing templates.

Email testing

What do your emails really look like? Email Testing lets you take a look at how your email will appear through various different platforms, including Outlook, Hotmail, Apple Mail, iPhone and many others.

Spell check

Have you ever been under pressure to send an email yesterday? Only to have a bunch of people respond with a list of spelling errors. Now you can send with confidence and receive the responses you were hoping for.

Segment your sends

There will be times when you don't want to send your messages to everyone in your database - like an invitation to an event when they have already signed up. By segmenting your sends, you can choose who will receive your message.

Build the way you want

With Vision6 you can email the way you want to. We recommend that you use our Drag and Drop Wizard because we've spent a lot of time making it super user-friendly. But if you like to build emails using HTML and Plain Text, HTML Only, Plain Text Only or Raw HTML Code then you can do that too.


Sometimes it's easier to read information that's displayed in a table. Use our Tables feature to set table and cell sizes, positioning, alignment, padding and colours.

Event Simple Automation

Scheduled sends

Schedule your emails to be sent any time in the future. This is great if you're away on holidays. It means you can work and holiday at the same time!

Time zones

Working out time zones can be confusing at the best of times, let alone when you want an email or SMS to arrive at a particular time. With our in-built time zone feature you won't have this hassle. Set-up a time zone for your contact, and let the system work out when to deliver your message.

Auto responders

Use autoresponders to automatically respond to a customer's action. Let's say a client fills in an online registration form to an event. An email can be automatically sent to them to say thanks for their registration.

Update profile

Let your clients update their own details by filling out branded update profile web forms.

Advanced Automation

Profile your customers better

If someone clicks on a link this can be flagged in your database. This is perfect if you're keen to take note of their interests and shape your campaigns accordingly.

Create process flows

Set up process flows that trigger messages to customers over a period of time. For example, people who sign-up for an event will automatically receive an email or SMS to thank them for registering. They will then be sent a reminder before the event, followed by a survey to get their feedback after the event. What fantastic customer service!

Integrated campaigns

Incorporate your campaigns into your sales process. For example, if a customer record is updated at point of sale, the system can trigger an appropriate SMS or email.

Multi channel campaigns

Automatically send an email or SMS to someone depending on an action they take (read an email, click on a link). Let the system do the work for you and send messages that are both timely and relevant.

Newsletter results and statistics Reporting

Comprehensive tracking of results

You will have access to a HUGE range of reporting metrics, so you'll know vital information including:
  • Number of emails sent
  • Number of emails opened (unique opens and total open)
  • Percentage of HTML to plain text
  • Links clicked
  • Who specifically clicked specific links
  • Click through rates
  • Unsubscribers
  • Bounced emails
  • Number of profile updates
  • Number of 'Send to a friend'
  • SMS delivered
  • SMS failed

Exporting results from Vision6

Has your boss asked you for a list of new subscribers to your newsletter? You can download a list in a matter of minutes. In fact, all data within Vision6 can be easily downloaded as Microsoft Excel CSV files.

Manage complaints

If any of your contacts report your emails as Spam, no doubt you'll want to know. Our reporting system will tell you so you can reassess your messages and manage your relationships with your contacts.

Manage bounces

After each send you can view which of your emails made it to their final destination. If a any of your emails bounced you can update, deactivate or delete these contacts. This will keep email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo very happy.

FREE Email Marketing Metrics Report

Twice a year Vision6 puts together the Australian Email Marketing Metrics Report. So you can also sneak a peek at other industries and see how you compare.

Social Media Social Media

Social Sharing

Make it easy for recipients to be advocates for your brand by including social media buttons that enable them to like, tweet or share your emails with their own social networks.

Social Updating

Save time and synchronise your social network updates. Use Vision6 to automatically schedule updates to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn when sending an email - no more logging into each one.

Social Impact

See the number of extra people viewing your emails as a direct result of recipients sharing your email and people clicking your social updates. You can also see which contacts have the most influence.


Send messages

Take a look at your messages before you send them in just the same way you would preview an email.

Send personalised text messages

Personalise your text messages to increase your open rate. For example, instead of saying just 'Hello' why not use your contacts name instead, like 'Hello Peter'.

Virtual numbers

Virtual numbers are a great way to capture contact details when there is no internet access. For example setup a competition that asks people to SMS their email and first name to 0400 000 000. The system will add these contacts to your database just like a webform.

Purchase credits in system

Pre-purchase credits to send SMS when you need to.

Receive messages

Potential contacts can even subscribe to your database or update their details via a text message. How clever is that?

Choose how you collect responses

When you think about using SMS marketing, do you visualise all the replies going to your personal mobile? If you do, you should know this; when your clients contact you via SMS (i.e. updating their details), you can choose to collect their responses via your mobile phone number or directly into your database.

Quick send SMS

It doesn't matter if your contacts details are not already in your database. For times when you need to send a quick SMS (like sending a message to staff) you can type in your message, their mobile number and hit send.

API - We'll talk to your system

Automatically create emails

You can use the system to automatically send content from your website into Vision6 software. For example, every time Tom puts a new travel deal on his website, it gets placed straight away in a special offer email - all ready for Tom to hit send.


Of course all of these amazing API features will be further enhanced when you tailor them to your specific e-messaging needs.


Our clever system can look at your database before it decides how to best handle a form submission. For example, it will update details if they already exist, or create a new record if it doesn't.

Help and Support

Free online training

On a regular basis, we run FREE interactive online training sessions to make sure you get the most out of our software. Can't make it to an interactive session? No problem. You can access our on-demand sessions instead. Whether you're a new or experienced e-marketer, you'll certainly pick up some tips and tricks on how to make your campaigns more effective.

Video tutorials

In the Vision6 system, you will notice a Help icon in the top right hand corner. By hovering over this icon you can select from a whole list of short video tutorials that are relevant to the part of the system you are in.

Manned technical support

Our friendly support team is available to answer any question you throw at them from 8am to 5pm AEST.

The Knowledge Centre

We've created an online support system and called it the Knowledge Centre. You'll find thousands of ready to go questions and answers to search on and if your question isn't already answered, you can just ask your question here and our Support team will usually provide a response within minutes.


We conduct regular webinars that show you exactly how you can use Vision6 to your advantage. Lasting only 20 minutes, you'll join thousands of other businesses already learning how Vision6 has helped to grow their business.



View and track and pay your invoices from within the system.

Account users

Add, edit and delete account users as staff change.

Purchase SMS credits

Pre-purchase credits to send text messages. That way it's there when you need it.

Account details

Organise your account by managing account details, users and permissions. Easily update it when it suits you. Reset logins and passwords without having to contact us.


Grant permissions or restrict access. Monitor account activity and track who is doing what activity within the system.


Administration controls

Your data is secure. Manage your permissions and restrictions at both the account and user level.

Tiered account structure

Using a tiered account structure means you can monitor all campaigns and control company branding, while other areas of your business has the freedom to carry out their own campaigns. Franchisees can carry out their own campaigns while you maintain control over branding and administration. For example, you may choose to give them access to company templates only.

Create sub-accounts

As a main account user with Vision6 you can set up various sub accounts for others in your organisation. You can also assign different users to your sub accounts.

Account history to help you keep track

Keep track of who is doing what - who sent an email, when it was sent, who worked on it.

Rebrand your Vision6 account

Reinforce your company brand internally by re-branding the user interface.

Monitor account usage

Take a look at who has been accessing the system, what has been sent, your file storage, and much more.

Security and Privacy


You'll want to select an e-messaging platform that you have complete confidence in. Apart from being members for Verisign and Truste, we have a dedicated team and advanced technologies protecting your privacy every second of every day. And just for good measure we're also GITC V5 compliant.

Spam compliance

We also don't want to see you get into any trouble over Spam complianceso we have built in a few features to make sure you comply including.
  • Double opt-in processes
  • Sender information at the bottom of each email
  • Functional unsubscribe facility


Your privacy is another thing we consider super important. For more information on our views and procedures around privacy please take a look at our privacy policy.

Privacy Overview

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