A mix of technology, science, and marketing which enables businesses to create customers for life

Since 1997 we’ve been helping businesses keep and grow their customers. Specialising in creating customers for life, we help businesses understand their customers and develop measurable programs to keep them coming back. We mix technology, science, and marketing to influence consumer behaviour to ultimately drive repeat sales.

  • Customer AI
    • Our Customer.AI Platform converts transactions into customers, providing actionable insights, predicting what they are most likely to do next, and continuing their engagement with your brand. Transforming raw transactional and customer data into unique customers, Customer.AI scores and ranks your customers into segments, then drives engagement through automated customer journeys powered by propensity modelling and hyper-personalisation.
  • iCentral
    • iCentral is the Single Point of Truth for all your customer knowledge, creating visibility on the most important measures, trends, and opportunities. It takes you out of the dark and into the light, showing who your customers are, and revealing the ways to keep and grow them. Achieving this is really possible, Customology helps businesses with highly complex and disparate data bring it all together into their own Single Point of Truth.
  • Reply2
    • The Reply2 marketing automation platform engages your customers with direct communications, triggered from behavioural and lifestyle events. With personalised microsites (PURLS) your customers interact with highly personalised and relevant content, creating great customer experiences which influence the right behaviours. Reply2  manages millions of personalized, multi-channel customer engagements daily.

You have everything you need to keep your customers. We’re here to help you understand them and develop measurable programs to keep them coming back.

They’re your customers, don’t let your competitors take them.