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Farewell Manual Data Entry with This Magic Tool!

Steam Through Your Day with PieSync Integrations

Are you staring down the barrel of another day spent copying data from one program and pasting it into another? Then more time searching for that one missing item because your counts just don’t line up? I feel you, I’m sure we’ve all been there. That’s why we’re excited to announce (dun da na na)…

Vision6 now integrates with PieSync!

What is PieSync? 

PieSync is a bidirectional syncing solution that connects your business applications. It helps you to align your customer and lead information between tools and saves you hours of manual data entry. It’s easy to set up too, with no coding required.

What Apps can I Connect With Vision6?

Connect Vision6 with Google Contacts, HubSpot and heaps of CRMs. In fact, PieSync syncs with more than 215 other business applications and they are adding new ones every week.

Why Use PieSync?

Remember all of that manual processing we were talking about at the beginning? That’s all gone! Instead of manually importing or exporting data between your business applications, you simply connect Vision6 with your other business apps for automatic and real-time sync – both ways. 

But what does that really mean? Any time you update or add a contact in Vision6 it will automatically get updated or created in your other business applications (for example when someone unsubscribes). Also, it works the other way around – when for example you update your contact data in your CRM (a lead becomes a customer), your Vision6 data gets updated. 

This means a cleaner, more up-to-date database and no more siloed data. PieSync also takes into account historical data. 

How to Get Started

Ready to start integrating your apps to save you time and effort? Sign up for a free trial of PieSync to test it out. If you need any help getting set up, reach out to the friendly PieSync support team.
Still not enough syncing for you? Vision6 has a range of direct integrations that are bi-directional and sync in real-time.

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