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5 Must-have-tools to Make you a Marketing Superstar

We’re sure you’re already doing a great job marketing, but there’s almost always room to kick it up. That’s why we thought we’d share these five must-have tools to take any great marketer to marketing superstar status.

1. Grammarly Extension for Chrome

Grammarly is an app that checks your writing for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as clarity. There is a free and a pro version and you can use it by pasting your writing into Grammarly’s web-based editor or installing a browser extension. The browser extension detects when you’re in a text editor and does its thing.

As a bonus, the Chrome browser extension works very nicely with Vision6.

To download the Grammarly Chrome browser, go to the Grammarly website, create a free account, find the app and select install.

As you can see in the images below, Grammarly has found three errors, two grammatical and one clarity related, in my newsletter below.

Grammarly can make you a marketing superstar

By clicking on the red circle I’m able to view the suggestions and make corrections.

Grammarly can help make your emails clear and correct.

It makes it so much easier to create compelling, clear and correct emails.

2. GIF maker

Heeeeellllllooo viral fame! Imagine all the things you could do! Make your cat an internet star. Or do something slightly more productive, like create product demos from photos, or custom animations to draw attention in your email. 

With tools like imgflip’s Animated GIF Maker, it’s super easy! Upload the images or video that you want to turn into a gif, arrange your images and then click generate GIF. You can then download your gif or use the image links provided.

Animated GIFs can draw attention within your emails


Animated GIFs can give basic product demos

Be aware that not all email clients support animated GIFs, namely Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013. So check where your recipients are opening their emails before including animated GIFs.


For those days when “the thing with the thing and the other thing” are the best you can do. Simply jump into and search for words that better describe what you’re trying to say. is quick to provide you with a list of alternate words. 

Bonus, and have great content on their sites, including a word of the day that’s sure to build your vocabulary.

4. Word Clouds

Who doesn’t love a word cloud? In case you don’t know, they display a list of words, highlighting the more frequent words, usually with size. They’re a great way to include a visual element into your writing. 

But have you ever thought about using a word cloud to see the points you are making the most in your emails? For example, I’ve made a word cloud using the copy from my Shake ‘n’ Drink newsletter, below. As you can see I’ve used the word recipe or recipes pretty often (because they’re the biggest in the word cloud). Spring and strawberry look like they’ve got a few mentions too. Considering this newsletter is focused on providing Spring cocktail recipes that’s pretty close to the money but maybe Spring could be mentioned a little more to emphasise the point.

Word Clouds can show the main focus of your copy

Word clouds are easy to create with Using the wizard, paste your text in, then choose the shape and colours that you would like your word cloud to be.

5. Google Trends

Google Trends is a Google website that allows you to compare the popularity of search queries in Google Search. It even allows you to compare the popularity of search terms. This can give you a whole lot of information, including when your peak times might be.

For example, we can see the interest over time for the search terms ‘cocktail recipes’ and ‘alcohol delivery’. As you can see below they have similar patterns and the 23 – 29 Dec had the highest interest of the year. 

Google Trends can give you some insights

Add to this the Related queries that Google Trends has provided us and we can see that gin and vodka cocktail recipes are in the top five related searches.

Google Trends can give you insights


Our end of year digital advertising is practically writing itself! 

Jump on the Google Trends website, make sure you’re in the geographical region you want to investigate and enter your search topic.

That’s it, our top five tools to shoot you to marketing superstar status. If you’re looking for some superstar email marketing tools, check out this blog or take Vision6 for a test drive with a free trial account.

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