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4 clever ways to handle email unsubscribes

It’s a fact of life that people will unsubscribe from your email marketing list. And they’ll do it for a whole range of reasons.

Nearly half of the people who unsubscribe do so because they’re inundated with too many emails. Another top reason people unsubscribe is because they find the content repetitive or boring.

Whatever the reason is, your unsubscribe process can leave a lasting impression of your business.

So why not make it a good one? And while you’re at it you might end up convincing the odd subscriber to stay.

But before diving into doing anything creative, you must firstly make sure the email unsubscribe link works and is easy to find.

Vision6 makes it easy for you to do this with a default unsubscribe link added to every email. All you need to do is plug in your content.

Even though functionality is the top priority, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun along the way…

1. Use humour

Let your subscribers leave with a smile on their face. Here’s a great example from The Children’s Place. One reason why it works so well is that it’s perfectly aligned with their brand – baby goods.

Use humour

Here’s an example from Groupon that’s more extreme.

2. Give your customers other ways to keep in touch

If the reason your customers are unsubscribing is because they receive too many emails then it’s a really good idea to offer them other ways to keep in touch with your business.

Use your unsubscribe page to offer up your business’s social media pages as an alternative, like OFFICE News has below.

Offer other options

3. Take a break

Bonobos have gone as far as to offer their customers a 30 day break which is quite a unique approach. Additionally they’ve done it using humour ‘it’s not you it’s me. I need a 30-day break.’

Take a break

4. Do nothing at all

That’s right, do nothing. The reason I suggest this is that someone unsubscribing from your list isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Yes, at some point your recipient wanted to hear from you but by unsubscribing in many cases they’re simply saying, thanks but I’m not interested any more.

Sure it sucks to lose a subscriber, but if they’re no longer interested in your business then it’s probably not worth sending them email in the first place.

What not to do – the unsubscribe horror story

I had to include this because it left me reeling. In some instances the shock factor works, but this unsubscribe message left a very bad taste in my mouth!

What not to do

Final Thoughts

People might unsubscribe from your email marketing list for various reasons. Following email marketing best practice like adding an unsubscribe link on your email footers helps reduce the spam scores. Make it easier for customers to part ways on a happy note.

Use the following tactics to handle email unsubscribes:

  • Offer humour in your unsubscribe emails
  • Offer alternative ways to be in touch like social media platforms
  • Offer to update email preferences like fewer emails, 30 days breaks or other clever ways to update how much email they receive.
  • Don’t use negativity in a goodbye email.

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