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18 Highlights from Email Marketing Summit Australia (EMSA 2018)

The Email Marketing Summit Australia (EMSA 2018) saw over 350 marketing and communication professionals from across Australia learn and embrace everything email marketing.

Email Marketing Summit Australia 2018

Over 350 marketers. From over 180 different companies. Learning from 12 of the industry's best. All cut down into (nearly) 2 minutes? Check out the highlights!#EMSA2018 was an absolute blast. But now we've got 2019 in our sights!

Posted by Vision6 on Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Quick Background about EMSA:

Did you know, EMSA is the only marketing summit in the Southern Hemisphere dedicated to email marketing?

Yup! EMSA is an annual email marketing summit which educates and celebrates everything in email marketing.  This is in the presence of national and international speakers with open panel discussions and lots of networking opportunities.

Now in its 12th year, EMSA has been the brainchild of the Australian-owned email marketing provider, Vision6. Over 4,400 people have now passed through the doors of EMSA to date.

With another successful year at EMSA 2018, lets looks at some of the top highlights, key takeaways and some interesting moments from the day.

Top 18 highlights from EMSA 2018

1. International keynote speaker at EMSA 2018:

Ilona Abramova, from AppSumo dived deep into identifying your ideal customers, creating relevant lead magnets, copywriting emails, testing and investing in email marketing.

Ilona shared AppSumo’s copywriting formula in three steps:

  1. Figure out what people are currently doing that isn’t working for them.
  2. Tell them what they could be doing better?
  3. Tell them how your product or service will help them get there.

2. GRPR Principles:


3. Pop-ups and consent:

4. Customer journeys with emails:

Luke Harrison from Sunsuper beautifully broke down the concepts of the customer journey and how email can be utilised smartly at key touch points with emails during the buyer’s journey like onboarding, post-purchase communications, reminders and transactional emails.

5. Are you talking to your audience? 


6. Segment list + Relevant content = Win-win:


7. How to authenticate?

8. Social media and email go hand in hand:

9. Data and behaviour marketing increases business ROI:

 10. Understanding customer psychology:

11. Make newsletters sexy again:

12. Try increasing email frequency + test and measure:

(slide by EMSA 2018 speaker: April Murphy from Showpo – 7 effective ways to increase subscriber engagement.)












13. Add zhush to your weekly e-comms!

14. No one wants to pay 20million Euros

15. Where, what and the how of customer engagement:

16. A sneak peek into some inspirational marketing campaigns:

17.  When the honeybadger stole the show:

18. Lastly, the smiles, chit-chats, the food and some amazing memories:

Final Thoughts:

Vision6 has been around for almost two decades which shows our dedication and passion for emails and the tech behind it. Being the only dedicated Email Marketing Summit in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re proud of the continued growth of EMSA and are thrilled to see so many people still keen to know more about email marketing.


Thank you to all of our attendees and speakers for a great EMSA 2018. We look forward to keeping email marketing a reliable and effective channel that delivers consistent results for marketing and communication professionals and agencies.

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See you at EMSA 2019!

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