EMSA 2020 Agenda









  1. 10:00am AEST

    Welcome to EMSA 2020!

    Grab a coffee, settle in, and get ready for the line up of fantastic speakers we have for you today!

  2. Kat Warboys
    10:10am AEST

    The Changing Face of Customer Experience: Creating a Conversational Strategy

    Presented by Kat Warboys
    The global pandemic has dramatically changed the way people buy and, more specifically, the online experience consumers have come to expect. Today, having a flawless online sales process has gone from being an advantage to a basic necessity. Businesses are expected to be always on and always there, ready to help. HubSpot’s Benchmark data shows that user-initiated on-site chat has almost doubled (98 percent) during COVID-19. Conversational marketing is fast becoming the way to meet these ever-rising expectations at scale. But how do you do it? In this session, we’ll explore how you can implement a conversational growth strategy across marketing, sales, and customer services, and the technology you’ll need to make it successful.
  3. Kurt Sanders
    10:45am AEST

    Earn My Attention: How to Create Content That Your Customers Want to See

    Presented by Kurt Sanders

    Why are you doing that video? That EDM? That blog? That horrifying Tik Tok post nobody will see? Your content needs to come from a place of truth for the people consuming it. So how do you get there, and what groundwork do you need to do to make sure it delivers? In this session, you’ll learn that as much as marketing seems to have changed, it really has stayed the same. We just have more and more ways of getting there. Find out what to do before you even touch a camera, a computer or the publish button on Tik Tok.

  4. Alita Harvey-Rodriguez
    11:15am AEST

    Unlock the Power of Personalisation: Expert Tips to Captivate Customers with Experimental Personalisation

    Presented by Alita Harvey-Rodriguez

    The average adult has an attention span of just 8 seconds. Yep! Hours upon hours spent creating an email only for it all to come down to 8 measly seconds. So, how can you avoid the dreaded down arrow? You get personal, that’s how!

    A 53% increase in YoY email revenue sounds pretty fab, hey? Well, that’s what MI Academy achieved with just one personalised email, imagine the results you could get if you experimented with personalisation at every touchpoint!

    Learn from one of Australia’s leading email marketing experts, Alita Harvey-Rodriguez, on the crucial data points you need to collect, and how to master the data, experiment and optimise for advanced personalisation.

    In this session you will learn to:

    • The data points you need to inject powerful personalisation into your emails
    • Evolve your ‘one-size-fits-all’ automation strategy with advanced personalisation techniques
    • Create a comprehensive framework for testing and campaign enhancement with A/B testing
  5. Jessica Pantalleresco
    11:45am AEST

    Lead Generation Campaigns that Convert

    Presented by Jessica Pantalleresco

    Join us if you want to know how to map out and create lead generation campaigns that convert. After this session, you’ll have actionable tips to help you maximise impact at every stage of the funnel. 

  6. 12:15pm AEST

    Lunch Break

    Refuel, grab something to eat and take a quick break. We’ll see you back soon!

  7. 12:45pm AEST

    Chair’s Recap

    Quick recap of the day so far before we get back into it!

  8. Mark James
    12:55pm AEST

    Customer First Automation: The Path to Repurchase

    Presented by Mark James

    Marketing automation is not a silver bullet. Don’t solely rely on it to grow sales for your brand. It’s the customer thinking and strategy that goes into it which delivers the results and kind of outcomes that marketers strive for. Brands should be taking full advantage of automation across multiple channels, and using it to communicate only relevant information, tailored to each and every customer.

    During this session, we will demonstrate that you already have everything you need to activate the path to repurchase and increase customer lifetime value through effective automation. We will share a best-practice case study of how a ‘customer first automation’ approach helped a leading brand achieve their highest ever ROAS and 50% company growth.

  9. Dan Pearce
    1:25pm AEST

    Data Privacy Landscape 2020: What Marketers Need to Know to Stay Compliant

    Presented by Dan Pearce

    2020 has put an emphasis on all things digital. As businesses shift their marketing efforts to online, renewed attention has been drawn to questions around data privacy. It’s become essential for businesses to adopt strong data privacy practices…but a lot of marketers and business owners aren’t quite sure where to start or how to keep up with the changes.

    So we’re calling in the experts! In this session, we chat with Technology, Media and Communications Lawyer Dan Pearce from Holding Redlich on key data privacy regulations, updates, trends, and future predictions. We’ll also cover best practices and recommendations on how businesses and marketers can take on these changes, maintain compliance, and more importantly, consumer trust. 

  10. 1:55pm AEST

    The Wrap Up and Email Design Awards

    Quick wrap up of the day, followed up by the Email Design Awards Ceremony! 


  11. 2:30pm AEST

    End of Conference

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