How to Grow Your Business During a Crisis

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“There was some really good material in the webinar. I actually busted out one of the lines from it yesterday with a client … 'When business is good, you should advertise. When business is bad you must advertise'!”

Trent Moffatt TMD Online

Our Speakers

Jessica Pantalleresco

Jessica Pantalleresco

Chief Marketing Officer @ Vision6

Jess is Chief Marketing Officer at Vision6 and is currently based in California to direct the global strategy. Jess has over a decade’s experience in helping brands grow market share In the US, China, and Australia. She has a strong passion for leadership, full-stack data-driven campaigns and optimisation, and content creation. As a thought leader in the digital marketing space, Jess is passionate about public speaking and is currently a mentor for Women in Technology. 

Stuart Morton-Wild

Stuart Morton-Wild

Co-founder and Director @ Hello Digital

Stuart Morton-Wild is a Co-founder and Director at Brisbane agency Hello Digital. Over the last 17 years, Stuart has carved out a reputation for delivering success across a wide range of disciplines including marketing, technology, design and innovation. Combined with a natural big-picture perspective, Stuart’s balance of creativity, logic and empathy have seen him lead transformation and growth across a diverse range of businesses; from SMEs and startups, to government and enterprise.