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Find More Customers: Facebook & Vision6

Get qualified leads with Lookalike Audiences or recapture a potential customer’s attention.

Grow Your Audience With Vision6 and Facebook

Potential customers are scrolling through Facebook, browsing websites or watching YouTube. Now more than ever, they’re doing all these things, all the time. So it takes more than one touch to get their attention.

Improve Your Remarketing With Better Targeting

The Facebook Remarketing integration takes the guesswork out of audience targeting, and use your existing customers to find new ones. By targeting lookalike audience and excluding your customer list, your ad spend is 100% focused on new customers, potentially saving you up to 40%.

Get More From Your Customer Lists

The Facebook Remarketing and Vision6 integration syncs your customer lists in real-time, allowing you to get more insight into your existing customers’ purchasing behaviour, interests, and possible competitors.

Once connected, our integrations continuously update your Facebook audiences automatically. That means no more jumping from platform to platform, manually exporting, updating, and importing data.

Get Started With Facebook Remarketing Now.

Start getting more from your customer lists.