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Why your brand can make or break your email performance

If you’re reading this blog post, then you’ve most likely encountered our brand in some way. If not, take a quick look at the top of your screen. Often touted as a business’s greatest asset, your brand extremely valuable. It’s your identity. It’s who you are to your customers. And when used properly with your email marketing, it can make a big impact on your email performance.

3 ways your brand can help your email marketing

1. Command inbox attention

When an email recipient looks at their inbox, the first things they see are the “from name” and the “subject line”. It takes only a split second for them to decide whether or not to open the email based only on this information. So help recipients recognise your emails by including your company or brand name here.

Check out this article for tips on how to write awesome email subject lines.

2. Build awareness

After previewing or opening your message, the next thing someone sees is often your header image. This should include your logo and any other branding elements such as colours and styles. A good header image builds brand awareness with your subscribers as they become familiar with seeing your logo and brand in their inbox.

If you’re worried about the design of your emails, we’ve got you covered.

3. Engage your audience

Your brand should also come through in how you “talk” with email recipients. A well written email will talk directly to the reader in a manner consistent with your brand. This helps build trust and contributes to higher click rates and levels of engagement.

If nothing else remember this:

The key to ensuring your brand has a positive impact with your email marketing, is to be recognisable and consistent. Once you’ve established goodwill with your brand, use it to your advantage by commanding inbox attention, building awareness and engaging with your audience.

Happy e-messaging!

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